We want to make sure that we support artists on their journey and seek to do so in a way that provides accessible, affordable and reliable services. For this reason, the TJPL NEWS segment at TAMARA JENNA PRODUCTIONS LTD DO NOT CHARGE BEYOND the time it takes to put our pieces together. We are artists supporting artists.


We really hope to showcase your story! If there's anything that we can help you with or you have any questions please reach out to us, we're always at hand via our chat box.

 We offer a wide range of coverage including

- Top 10 Weekly News posts 
- Standard Interviews

- Backstage Pass Interviews
- Single Reviews
   - Album Reviews    

 - Radio Play   





- AND/OR if you have spent all of your budget on your current campaign and we are too late to reach you - you could always check out the new S2S Skills Training Mentor Programme that offers a free PR checklist and our Free Collaboration Room.





We also provide 100% FREE news coverage for Birmingham UK based Musicians through our BULL-ETIN.



We're really excited to see where this will take artists.  We want artists to be found so let's get to work!

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We love music, we want to support artists and that is why we do this. We will grow, we will have setbacks but most importantly, if we are improving and learning that is what we should pride ourselves on. Artists, writers, and managers alike I hope that we can continue to build the contractual relationship in a way that helps the art of music to shine for all that it really is. We are always capable of doing better, being better and seeing results all round!


With the highest of gratitude,

Tamara Jenna


  1. Artists will be provided with Accessible, Affordable and Reliable Services. TJPL News do not charge past the time that it takes to put together our coverage.

  2. We run from contributions and follow the principles of #SustainableCurator and Anti-Payola. Let's help each other in the name of music.

  3. Artists will feel that they are heard and not just used as content.

  4. Artists will know that their passion, expression, and effort have truly been assessed and displayed in a way that honours our promise to them.

  5. The contribution that artists make to TJPL NEWS (money) will not only be put to effective use through our service, but we will also honour them as human beings who have put their emotions and skills into creating the pieces that they have. Music is a beautiful way to express the world and so, we will always respect any artist whether they use our services.

Meet The Team

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Tamara Jenna - Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Specialism - R&B, Rap, Production

Skills - Artist, Guitarist (20+ yrs) 

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Kira - Freelance Writer
Specialism: Country, Rock and Pop
Skills - Radio Presenter & Producer at BHBN radio
Creative writer 
Music Journalist 



Freddie McKee - Freelance Writer
Specialism: Rock and Pop
Skills - Writer


Aimee Stokes - Freelance Writer
Specialism: Pop
Skills - Pianist, Experienced Writer, Marketing

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Jasmine - Writer
Specialism: Dance, Pop, R&B, Rock
Skills - Guitarist, Marketing