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Greetings to all our readers of ISSUE 17. the May 2024 edition of TJPL News Magazine! Here we shine a spotlight on the pulse of the independent music scene and beyond in a jam-packed world of music. This issue is adorned with an exclusive cover interview with Chive, the London-based indie rock band with a bright future ahead of them. You may recognise lead singer Ben Rose as Bardon from BBC's 'This Town'. Here we talk with his band to hear everything Chive!


Within these pages, you'll discover in-depth conversations with dynamic artists such as America's Got Talent's Wyn Starks, Nick Noon and Kyler, each offering a glimpse into their creative processes and what drives their music forward.


Our reviews section is brimming with expert analyses of albums from the likes of Super Saiyan Jay, King Dev, and OCCURRENCE, providing you with insights into the newest waves in music. Additionally, our essential guide to 2024’s top music festivals promises to help you navigate the season’s most anticipated events as well as talking performance anxiety in Mastering the Stage: How UK Artists Mini Haye and CHLO Conquer Performance Anxiety.


This edition also brings you the latest in music technology with features on innovative gear from the XVIVE Wireless Guitar System to the BEHRINGER UL 1000G2-R.


We’ve also curated a selection of single reviews and maintained our beloved sections such as Blog Highlights, Playlist Picks, and Release Radar, ensuring you stay informed about the latest releases and trends in the industry. Whether you are deeply embedded in the music industry or a devoted listener, TJPL News Magazine is your definitive source for all things music this May.


Expected Dispatch from May 8th
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