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5 Peeps and the Battery Ignite a Powerful Indie Rock Explosion with 'Gemini'

5 Peeps and the Battery have come into the new-indie world with a full-force rocking song that will blow the pop music out of your butt. ‘Gemini’ is full of manic surprises and absolutely wild performances. First off, the drums. They splash with a power and tone that only the greats have mastered, the bass comes in low and slow but it picks up steam fast and then never slows down. Guitars ride in on silver horseback and blow the noise through the roof. It’s already gleaming when the vocals come into play. They punch into the highs and slam into the lows with incredible form. You are left stunned and drooling on the grunge club floor.

‘Gemini’ is one of a kind. It tells a story and it does so with such care and honesty. When the lights go down and the sound picks up. That's when you know you are in for something special. 5 Peeps and the Battery have given the world a new sound to fawn over and I am so glad that we are worthy. Rock isn’t dead. Singles like ‘Gemini’ prove that the sound has only grown in complexity and fervour. A punchy song that lets it all out in the chorus. A fantastic revival of one of life's greatest pleasures: fantastic rock.



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