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812DUMMI - Goodnight Dummi - ALBUM REVIEW


Goodnight Dummi

Evansville, United States

Credit - Elliot McMillen

812Dummi is back with his latest album ‘Goodnight Dummi’. Bringing listeners a moody, psychedelic rap and R&B collection of eight songs, this artist has created a project that has something for everyone due to its catchy hooks, personal lyricism and sonic mastery.

‘intro’ takes listeners through an exploration of time and the journey throughout the morning of a worker. Highlighting the conceited 9-5 existence on a December day the spoken word narrative introduces an audience to a bleak existence.

Flawlessly transferring into ‘painkiller’, listeners are given a collaboration with Hyyypnos. Dark 808s, perfectly panned synth strings, and the scattering of trap percussion set the foundation for an explorative set of autotuned rap vocals. A haunting yet enjoyable experience.

‘oh nah’ grasps onto the collaborative effort of 812Dummi and Hyyypnos, this time with a slower vocal tempo. A sung alternative R&B/Hip-Hop theme grasps the attention of its listeners with one consistent hypnotic sweep.

‘I just want to be happy’ lights a flare of industrial sounds that are mixed with Trap Soul and autotuned vocals. This seriously dark and experimental piece introduces a new side to the artistry of 812Dummi in a dystopian wonderland. There’s something grungy and futuristic within the soul of the track. An interesting avenue to take.

‘shaolin monk’ brings some lofi to the limelight. A dreamy guitar synth echoes in the background of this song to bring listeners a sense of calm after the storm. A dominant drum loop keeps the heartbeat of the piece to carry the listener along with the hypnotic vocals. A very self-conscious and reflective piece.

Continuing along the lofi route, ‘drank2much’ keeps listeners In a dreamlike state. Alternative R&B is the vision here – with a slow and sensual exploration of instrumentation. The vocals range from fast and punchy autotuned rap verses to slow and laid-back autotuned sung intervals. This is a song that listeners are sure to get lost in. I love the way that time and space seem to vanish whilst listening to this one.

Now, back to the industrial experimentation side of 812Dummi. ‘nvm’ is one confusing and interesting production. It feels as though there are two separate pieces playing in sync with each other. On one side we receive the distortion and experimentation of techno-industrial sounds and on the other we hear relaxed vocals, twee melodic loops and trap percussion. When fused together we’re left in a confused state. I love confusion, do you?

Concluding this album, we find ourselves brought into a traditional 90s Hip-Hop finale. ‘Goodnight’ holds a vocal which is reflective – reminiscent of the conscious rap of the 90s era. The instrumental is a clean sweep of sad guitar loops and a steady drum loop.

I love this project – there’s something different within every single piece, almost like a compilation album. The eclectic talent that Is 812Dummi is an interesting artist with an air of freshness. Let’s see where 2023 takes him.



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