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Updated: Oct 8, 2022


BLAIR WEST - Rabbit Holes

New York, United States

Blair West is a singer-songwriter from NYC and her latest release 'Rabbit Holes' is immensely beautiful! I absolutely adore the lyrics throughout the entirety of the song, I love the metaphor behind the lyrics and song title and I admire the story being told. This track gives us a delicate love story that is graceful and uplifting. The song starts with a soft strum of the acoustic guitar giving us a slow sway with the sweet melody that carries the song through to the sustained ending. The vocals are angelic with a warm embrace making this a perfect wedding song!




Philadelphia, United States

Credit - Rebellious1_photo

My Cousin's Girlfriend’s House is a Pop-Punk band that is giving us totally nostalgic vibes of the early noughties, reminding me of classic Pop-Punk tunes from bands such as 'Bowling For Soup', 'Simple Plan' 'Sum 41' and 'Blink 182'. The latest release 'Going' is an enthusiastic and empowering bop-along song! Starting with a personal touch from the band adding a little humour 'Hold on, I lost count' before the deep yet delightful vocals approach along with the sharp strumming guitar riff before the happy hard-hitting drumbeat that comes in making you want to headbang and bounce about! I love this!



ALI GEORGE - Little Prophecy

Bath, United Kingdom

Ali George is a British singer-songwriter who has blessed us with an ever-so-endearing tune titled 'Little Prophecy'. George has made an impression with his intricate finger-style guitar technique which is absolutely phenomenal and thus pairs perfectly with deep, beautiful, and heartfelt vocals, his songwriting inspires from deep personal love songs and his short stories that he has formed into music. His guitar playing is incredibly melodic yet sweetly humble while strumming with Folk tones, long reverbs and seriously smooth riffs this matching the delicate story being told within the lyrics. This is definitely being added to my Country tunes playlist!



MONROE MOON - Glad To Exist

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Credit - Warren Malkin

Monroe Moon is an experimental Indie – Pop duo that has blessed us with this gorgeous tune 'Glad To Exist', this tune holds its own individuality with a dark aura yet a sparkling beat. The drum beat is simple and steady setting the pace for the song before a catchy vocal hook comes in singing 'Sha La La, Sha La La, Sha La La' which you will most definitely be singing along with, throughout the entirety of the song. The vocals are exotic, elegant, and euphoric with the lyrics being empowering and story-telling as the guitar riff is electric and edgy!



WELSH AVENUE - Feather In My Hat

Austin, United States

Credit - Anna Guerrero

Mark DiLillo AKA Welsh Avenue is a talented musician that is totally infatuating! Welsh Avenue embraced his musical journey with extensive classical piano playing and writing piano solos alongside learning Ableton thus encouraging more production and lyrical writing. The latest single 'Feather In My Hat' starts with the drums creating an upbeat tone before the piano ever so gently approaches with delightfully sweet notes thus adding depth to the elegant piano playing. The vocals are beautiful, humble, and wholesome giving us listeners a comforting feeling, and lyrics that are so heartfelt with the descriptive imagery, a story in a song!



LAURA LANG - Black Sedan

Memphis, TN, United States

Laura Lang is an extremely talented adolescent singer-songwriter and most importantly a vivid storyteller. Lang transforms her inner dialogue and experiences with those around her into heartfelt and personal lyrics with gorgeous vocals that hold passion and impact. Lang's latest release 'Black Sedan' starts with an incredibly light and bouncy guitar riff as Lang's vocals are sweetly smooth in a low register. The sound of the slide guitar adds a mystical effect which I absolutely adore as the drumbeat is relaxed until the big bold brilliant finish allows Lang to truly show us the truly powerful vocals she has!




Glenluce, United Kingdom

Credits - GM Photography, Ken Chynoweth-Tidy

Kissing the Flint is a solo project created by Leah Chynoweth-Tidy a Queensland singer-songwriter with a Rockabilly love mixed with Steam Punk. Kissing the Flint is authentic putting her true inner thoughts and real emotions within her songwriting making her a fantastic storyteller allowing listeners to truly connect on an intimate level. 'Dune Girl' is the latest release and it is an ever-so-sweet-sounding bop-along tune! Kick-started by the drums setting the steady pace, the guitar joins with a light, soft, angelic riff thus making you sway! This song is so uplifting with vocals that are so passionate and empowering!



SANO HILL - Sing Out Loud

Galway, Ireland

Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter who is gifted with a divine, delightful distinctive voice! Hill's new song 'Sing Out Loud' will make you want to do just that and sing out loud! This song is incredibly powerful and has come together from challenges over the years, thus being a tune we can all relate to and connect with as we each live through challenging times but the positive message from this song is to reconnect with the world and with each other. The song holds a funky beat with an alluring guitar riff that builds up to a powerful tune!



ROB LEA - Freak

Blackpool, United Kingdom

Credit - Ben Hesketh

Rob Lea is a well-known artist who has toured across the UK and Europe for the past ten years, in one of the biggest Queen Tribute bands – 'Majesty'. But now Lea is stepping into the spotlight himself, expressing his inspiring talent and following his musical path. The latest release from this absolutely awesome artist is 'Freak' and it does hold quite a freaky groove, you won't be able to resist it. Starting with an electric guitar with a phase shifter giving us a very unique intro braces us for an absolute banger, this is a tune you'll be rocking to!



DREAM OF A MAN IN A TOP HAT - Eggshell Minefield

Boston, United States

Dream of a Man in a Top Hat is a dynamic duo consisting of Lee Leffler who also plays guitars and keyboards as well as Michael Frackleton on drums, bass, percussion, and keyboards, and the pair work together on the lyrics and vocals. Their latest single 'Eggshell Minefield' is a super catchy yet seriously smooth banger! The guitar riff is 80's Rock influenced by a bass that is incredibly infectious and the drumbeat is irresistibly toe-tapping with a steady beat. The lyrics are alluring with a cool, catchy, and calm tone as the bold-sounding instruments take the captivating focus.



NUMBER 1 - LAURA LANG - Black Sedan

NUMBER 2 - ALI GEORGE - Little Prophecy


NUMBER 4 - BLAIR WEST - Rabbit Holes

NUMBER 5 - WELSH AVENUE - Feather In My Hat

NUMBER 6 - SANO HILL - Sing Out Loud

NUMBER 7 - ROB LEA - Freak

NUMBER 8 - DREAM OF A MAN IN A TOP HAT - Eggshell Minefield


NUMBER 10 - MONROE MOON - Glad To Exist


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