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Adik Angel's 'Saved Time (Remix)': A Mesmerizing Techno Odyssey

Adik Angel has delivered a song that scratches every techno itch you will ever need to scratch. ‘Saved Time ( Remix )’ is a song that builds on a diverse rhythm. Synths bubble up from the rough and the world becomes evergreen. The bass thumps against the kick, the beat grabs you and you hope it never lets you go. The melodic bells in the mids begin to slide and shake — they tell stories in their melodies. The song is hopeful, energetic. It looks forward and never turns back. The sounds shift, never repeating. It’s fuelled by passion, with the oomph of house, the accessibility of pop, and the flamboyance of dance.

‘Saved Time ( Remix )’ feels honest. There is a passion in the sounds, a knowledge in the textures. This is not just another pop song, not just another techno instrumental. Adik Angel is visceral, prominent and powerful. Their music will shake you to the core.



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