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Updated: Feb 4, 2023



Thun, Switzerland

Adik Angel brings a fresh and exciting sound to new-pop and instrumental dance music. The latest album, ‘Evasions,’ features all of the best sounds and worldly influences that Adik Angel has to offer. It's an album that speaks to your core and wraps you up in tight melodies, rampaging beats, funky synths, pianos and strings and leaves you breathless after it all. The first track on the album is the title track, and after listening to ‘Evasions’ there is no way that you can resist listening to the rest.

What bright ideas and inspirations live on this album. It’s jaw-dropping the distances that you travel between each song. From modern British house sounds, to central European pop all the way over to take inspiration from the new pop movement in America. It's all here, condensed into one fabulous offering. Check out everything that Adik Angel has put out, including the ‘Evasions (Remix)’ single. It's all a blast and you won’t regret a second.



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