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ADVIKA's 'Come Back To Earth': A Dazzling Blend of Indie Synth, Shoegaze, and Astro-pop

‘Come Back To Earth’ is the latest single from ADVIKA and it is a splendid example of indie synth in the modern day. The beats and melodies move as one through a dense cloud of purple tone. Bewitching and conversational, the vocals slide through the mist and call out to the very core of you. The light flickers, the bass sets into a rhythm and the synths kick into overdrive. The whole time a pleasing percussive throw in the back keeps time and keeps you grounded in this reality as the song explores hundreds right before your eyes. The brilliance of this single cannot be understated. The fine blending of shoegaze, tight synth pop and astro-pop creates a single like no other.

ADVIKA knows how to get the ball rolling and keep it going at terminal velocity. ‘Come Back To Earth’ powers out of the gate, it’s not heavy, but it is endlessly consistent. And it never drops the beat. Sections flow into one another with confidence. As sure as the sun will rise in the morning, the verse will compound into the chorus with beautiful clarity. This is not just another indie synth jam, there is so much more under the cover, so many more worlds to discover as you listen. And you will listen, once, twice, if not three times over. A fascinating single with catchy hooks and a presence to rival the greats.



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