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Cherry On Top

Nashville, United States

It’s hard to think of an artist who at 18 years old has firmly solidified their artistic image – but Ainsley Costello seems to know the recipe. ‘Cherry On Top’ is the latest release from this young talent who celebrates her 24th YES 24TH release. Wow. With sounds that will impress lovers of pop-rock icons such as Pink! And Hayley Williams, ‘Cherry On Top’ is just as it claims to be.

Elements of punk combine with the subtleness of a soft ukulele in between walls of heavy-hitting guitar and drums to bring a sound that is just superb. From live instrumentation to electronically produced, this promises to be a song that will hit a note with many a listener.

Taking the perception of a woman with a revenge plan – ‘Cherry On Top’ aims to ensure that any woman listening to this song who too, wants revenge, will sit firmly at the top. The song however, uses a different interpretation of the analogy within its lyrics – “'cause at the end of the day, I’m not the one who put the cherry on top of the mess you made.”

Another brilliant release from this rising star. I think there will be many more songs of this quality from Costello yet!

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