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Live You

Lyon, France

For all of the Drum and Bass lovers, you need to get onto the latest release from AlanP. This epic release will have to up and on your feet from the first drop into gorgeously styled synths. - JASMINE

'Live You’ starts with some dreamy, styled vocals delivered on top of a calming and simple guitar piece until continuously building backing of rolling drums slowly builds before crashing into an explosion of electronic sounds that entirely mess with your senses.

This track takes the most simplistic sounds and loops to give the listener a sense of familiarity, with the common DnB high-pitched synths being dangled in front of them. This fast moves ahead, as with all the great drum and bass anthems and crashes into synths meltdown as this simplistic sound ups in tempo and is combined with a gorgeous deep bass beat, almost working against the tempo of the synths. During the track's lows, the intensity is built using epic heavy peddle drums which reverberate around the room when played out loud!

I can see this track being used and plastered all over a lot of anime films and programmes, utilised by anime fans in every fan piece they create but also in every rave up and down the Uk. This is an amazing sound with power and intensity that needs to be heard to be appreciated.


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