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State Of The Art

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Pim Janssen

Charlie Fisher is a creator of Club Dance / Pop music and their album ‘State of the Art’ has only just been released this month and is already gaining Fisher many new fans, including myself! This album is an extremely easy listen with a contagious energy, you will definitely be putting this on loop, loving the album all over again. The sweet beats are incredibly addictive and pairs perfectly with the vocals that are beautiful and quite innocently sweet.

‘See You Fall’ is the perfect introduction to the non-stop beats this album holds! It has a fantastic intro with the traditional club sensibilities which we all love, it’s super catchy with unforgettable lyrics you’ll be singing along to in no time! ‘Do You Feel It Now’ is a sophisticated dance beat that you can really groove to, this track also really shows off Fishers vocals that are sexy and smooth for versus but also speed up on the chorus, with tongue twisting lyrics. ‘Call Me Crazy’ DJ Re:Code Remix I adore the intro to this song, with light sounding notes of a keyboard before the beat jumps in thus following with the lyrics and slightly distorted vocals. The fourth track of the album ‘Body & Soul’ is 100 % my favourite! I love it and it’s perfectly placed on the tracklist keeping the upbeat vibe flowing yet slowing it down a little allowing the vocals to take full front on this one, vocally gorgeous and incredibly angelic. This is the heartthrob tune you absorb on the dance floor, singing your heart out while you let your body move. The Sevenths remix of ‘City Pop’ has a contagious beat that flows throughout the tune making you sway with a sassy vibe as well as bopping along to the chorus! ‘I Know U’ includes Tobre and with the use of Synth Pop sensibilities this song has a euphoric intro that takes over as you feel the beat build waiting for the chorus where the beat drops and you let yourself be taken away by the music. ‘Give Me A Night’ is the new club anthem! This track jumps straight into it making you want to party with the funky beats and the traditional Dance / Club sensibilities. I love this track ‘City Rock’ with Nick White and Bryce Quartz! This tune completely switched the vibe up on this album and it’s so surprising but works so well whilst still holding the dance vibe but with an 80’s Rock influenced guitar riff as the drums really go for it keeping it bold and crisp making this song incredibly sexy. ‘Call Me Crazy’ has a bold beat matched just right with the sweet sounding notes of the keyboard, the lyrics are simple and easy to follow, I guarantee this one you will find stuck in your head! ‘City Pop’ is the track that inspires the remixes and it truly fascinates me how so much can be done with one song but I do love originals. The vocals are glamorous with an elegant tone as the beat bops, this definitely gives me Daft Punk vibes! This album includes the special extended version of ‘Do You Feel It Now’ which is almost 7 minutes long giving us a good outro to groove to while you’re topping up your glass and grabbing your phone to queue the album up for repeat!

If you’re needing a really good groovy dance fix then I 100% recommend this album to you, the Dance / Club sensibilities flow flawlessly with free feeling lyrics that you can’t help but sing along too!


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