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What Do You Want

Butte, MT, United States

Credit - Mary Kantner

Desperate Electric is a delightful dynamic duo with Ben Morris on guitar, keys, vocals, and production as well as Kayti Korte on bass and vocals. Their album art is stunning! With a wash of bright colours, giving us a summer feeling and fabulous vibe thus visualising the music perfectly. Their sound is absolutely mesmerising with an eclectic mix of styles such as Soul, Funk, and Disco, making their songs incredibly unique and Pop forward with synth layers alongside super funky basslines, four on-floor kicks, and a range of vocal layers. Their lyrics are playful and honest ‘What Do You Want’ as its entirety is a story with each track telling us a little bit more as the duo shares the good, the bad, and the ugly. The tracks are thought-provoking and speak on real-life issues that we can all relate to such as; relationships, friendships, career plans, and life goals, making us ask ourselves the question ‘What Do You Want’?

Starting the album off with ‘Wherever You’re Not’ is truly enchanting! This tune is a soulful funk with dreamy disco vibes from the dance-infused drumbeats as the gracefully gorgeous vocals from Korte take us away. ‘Karaoke’ is a total groove! It has a combination of a super funky bassline, and sensual beats with lustful lyrics sung with irresistible vocals from Morris and Korte’s phenomenal vocal layers! ‘Naked’ is incredibly smooth and seductive with beats you can’t help but softly sway along to match with an alluring airy atmosphere alongside passion-filled lyrics sung by a soulful Morris.‘Stay’ is truly a heart-warming song with happy bouncy beats as well as a wash of synth sweetness this making it irresistible to groove along. The vocals are lyrically balanced and absolutely beautiful with lines that are fun-loving and super catchy, this tune will get stuck in your head! ‘Have 2 Do It’ starts cool and captivating before the bold bouncing beat comes in making you want to instantly dance! The guitar riff is luscious and laid back but beautifully compliments the bassline. ‘Alter Ego’ is so euphoric thus making you want to close your eyes, sway and float with the soulful beats and the sweet, smooth, seductive melody. Korte’s airy angelic vocals captivate us with extremely passionate lyrics before Morris approaches adding that extra depth to the ending. ‘Toasty’ is incredibly unique! The song brings us in with sweet and simple chords and cross sticking on the drums thus being so creative it instantly stood out to me. The duo vocals are totally gorgeous expressing different vocal ranges with catchy lyrics, this is an absolute jam! ‘Isn’t It Funny’ is an uplifting vibe with a smooth sway-infused groove! The vocals are truly powerful throughout this track making this feel truly personal and connecting with lyrics that are so truthful and relatable. ‘Stop Making Noise’ is a stunning, sparkling, sassy disco funk! This is a fun feel-good tune that you will want to have on full blast as you get lost in dancing with the infectious groove! ‘Treason’ is the penultimate track that is deeply heartfelt with Morris’s vocals ever so charming and harmonising beautifully, this is truly a soul-searching song. The finale, the album title and the question we all ask ourselves ‘What Do You Want’! This is a bold, brilliant bouncy tune that you can have a real dance to and shake it while you absorb the contagious beats as you sing along! The duo’s vocals on this track are absolutely phenomenal holding so much power and passion! The track ends abruptly making you want to start the album all over again to continue the groove this fabulous fantastic fun duo has created.

This album is an inspirational musical masterpiece with each track being captivating as well as connecting! Desperate Electric express they “want you to feel alive” when listening to their music and that I promise, you will do! ‘What Do You Want’ is down-to-earth, connecting, and truthful in every way possible.



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