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The Lagoon

North, Israel

Credit - Dylan Tauber

#DYLANTAUBER makes another appearance over at TJPL NEWS with his 15th transcendental electronica album. The title of this is...#TheLagoon. Back in April I had the pleasure in being introduced to this artist for the first time - FEATURED ARTIST *Dylan Tauber* - ALBUM REVIEW ( Now back with his latest project I am here again going through his work piece by piece. For those of you who don't know, #DYLANTAUBER is an award-winning electronic musician, cyber artist, photographer, and author who currently resides in Israel. After graduating from Columbia University in 1996, #DYLANTAUBER has taken base in NYC, Jerusalem and Miami to name a few. His latest body of work consists of 12 songs that form a total of around 35 minutes of pure dance pieces that are worthy of anthem status! Opening the project is a track named #PleaseStay, here #DYLANTAUBER goes straight in with no warning or build-up. This sets listeners up for the full explosive project that is to develop. #PleaseStay offers a persistent kick to keep the rhythm throughout the piece along with the inclusion of bubbly techno-style synths and synth keys. The vocal samples keep the listener interested along with the weaving of its funky bassline. #DanceForMe is a boat party track - it's destined to float along the waves! The first thing I envisioned was some of the boat party's that I've been on - always something that brings a smile to my face and mind! Again, the bubbly synths and persistent kick are present along with high-pitched house-inspired vocal chops and a deep house bass! This is a great piece that would go well in a variety of situations - boat parties, long drives at night, a backdrop to vlogger videos and beyond. #CyberSpirit has a similar feel to the previous piece but with fewer builds and drops making for a great reflective piece with a spark of the upbeat. Lo-fi all around. #WalkwithMe is a piece that implements elements of alternative R&B and Pop into its narrative through the use of trap soul vocal chops, 808s and trap drum loops. I love the way that this piece keeps to the highly lo-fi sound of this artist but also provides something that fits a completely different audience! #Immortal is a track for the clubs! So, DJs you may want to get this one on your sets! For the first time on this album, we hear a fuller vocal and lyrical presence. In typical EDM fashion, this piece brings the drops, the lifts and the catchiness along with a banging rhythm! #Don'tLetGo brings listeners back into the boat party feels in a track that sounds as though it would fit perfectly on a Clubland Anthems Album from the early 00s. Marking the second half of this project is the title track #TheLagoon and wow what a piece this is! The lyrics are catchy and the vocalist does a great job portraying the emotion behind the piece. #IAmYourAngel brings a mix of deep and tropical house to bring listeners into a dance-worthy production - it got me moving for sure! #HeavenOnEarth speeds up the tempo to take us into a rave within our own minds in a techno-infused dream. Continuing this theme is #HoldMyHand - here listeners are kept on the same rhythm but with some 80s synthpop thrown in along with very #ArianaGrande style angelic vocals. The penultimate track #TheMermaid is a piece that I have picked out as one of my favourites on this album for its rich vocal chops, trap drum loops and almost haunting synths. Working as a contrasting yet familiar feel #DYLANTAUBER gives his audience something a little different before concluding with #LightWarrior (Remix). In this piece #DYLANTAUBER makes sure that he leaves his audience with his music firmly known to them!

This is a great piece, a great album and an EDM dream! Another 10/10 project from #DYLANTAUBER!




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