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Jacksonville Florida, United States


Florida-based Pop, R&B, and Hip-hop artist #L3O his album #1969 is a set of 7 tracks that offer listeners a range of experimental rap and hip-hop pieces. From the upbeat to the relaxing, this album offers something for everyone. The album opens with a track called 'Blue Skies: P.T.L.L.'. This track is full of reverb and delay to create something spacey and fully encapsulating for the listener. This track holds a feel of Dark Pop that borders on rock within its manuscript through the use of its instrumentation and vocals. 'Morgellons' is a futuristic track that brings a sci-fi feel to the project - a complete contrast to the opening track. This piece has a catchy beat, introducing 808s and rap melodic loops. There's a real sense of individuality found in this piece. As the track develops we hear fierce trap drum loops that lift the energy of the piece even further. Intermission (No More Love Songs)' slows things down a notch. The beat is highly lo-fi in nature. This offers listeners yet another side to this artist's skillset. The piece is an instrumental that holds the listener with steady percussion and a dream pop/soulful. I love how this piece allows for the audience to just sit back and take a break midway through the project. 'Rolling Stone' is a piece that opens with a slow hip-hop lo-fi sound that is similar to the artist 'Phora'. As the vocals are introduced we get to hear the soulful tone of this artist. I love this track! It's slick, dark, and seductive. Blurring the borders of the already versatile genre of alternative R&B, L2o has created a whole new concept within the genre all on his own! 3 AM Waterfall takes a step into jazz-inspired hip-hop through the inclusion of experimental keys and brass instrumentation along with off-beat hip-hop-style drums. I love the experimentalism here, it's not a sound that I've heard before! Again, the vocals are flawless, they're almost like an unpolished tone of Trey Songz. '1969' contains sad emotional guitar loops to enhance the dark tone of the track. The lyrics are deep, meaningful, and relatable. I absolutely love the vocal tone of L3o. The narrative behind the piece addresses the drug abuse, demons, and love. The album concludes with a song entitled Villtropolis. In this track we hear L3o give his all. The instrumental is cinematic, haunting and heavily dark. The lyrics have a lot to say, and the execution of this whole track is something that can only be done by this artist. The way that the track switches up holds both dark, alternative R&B and trap rap within its lines. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece. This album has intrigued me to find out more about L3o and I'm hungry for more!



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