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PATRICK AMES - Harmonium

Napa Valley, United States


Credit - Patrick Ames





#HARMONIUM is the latest album by Napa Valley based singer/songwriter #PATRICKAMES. These 7 new tracks offer an intimate and raw set of emotions that will capturvate any lover of chilled out, passionate expression. Ranging from Acoustic to Folk, to Classic Rock these tracks will suite pretty much any lover of guitar based music. Kicking off the album is a song called #NoPeopleAreSupreme. This track has a lovely relaxing set of guitar strums that are accompanied by the occasional Meddeteranean riff along with melodic folk riffs to create a set of unique guitar layers. The deepness of the vocals take the listener into a darker yet soulful rock feel. #Sometimes has a steady percussion and dreamy folk guitar plucks. The lyrics are deep and the execution of the vocals are free, you can really hear that the artist is in his element - free-flowing as the track goes on. There are also some nice little backing vocals here too! #WillIEverBeNoticed has more of an upbeat feel about it - this is definitely a feel good track for your travels or relaxation days. The lyrics speak of Covid masks and Vaccine passes - something the whole world can relate too. I like the way that this track takes a dominant theme that everybody can relate to and make it into a song that addresses the issues of being recognised. This track also marks the first feature from #ChanaMatthews. #Dontchawanna is a whole vibe - a funky one. This track is fun but contains some key questions all starting with the title of the piece "#Dontchawanna ..quit your job... head back all those years." There are some cool melodic 80s inspired synths in this piece too that offer something fresh to listeners. #IsItOkayIfIComplain takes listeners back into the slow and steady acoustic feel with steady drums and subtle guitar strums. This allows for listeners to really hear the tone of the vocals and the lyrics that they speak. #LastNightWasNoMistake brings #ChanaMatthews back to join the show where she adds some lovely backing vocals to the main body of the track. The poetic lyricism of #PATRICKAMES shines through on this dreamy production. There's a real sense of freedom found in this song that encourages the listener into a dream like state. The concluding track on this album is called #Grace. This song is an acoustic dedication to God - It's a statement of gratitude for all of the things that #PATRICKAMES has in his life. The perfect ending to a perfectly chilled album. Overall #HARMONIUM is a set of free floating pieces that showcases the unique, poetic writing style of the artist in a way that is backed up by free and mainly acoustic tracks. This is a must for Acoustic lovers and fans of chilled rock. SO, if that's you, then make sure that you check out #HARMONIUM by scrolling back up and hitting the link!



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