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London, United Kingdom

Credit - Sarah Lee


London-based five-piece band #Seafarers released their second album #II earlier this year in February. Their sound is crafted from the roots of indie folk, indie rock, and jazz to create their unique collection of songs from easy listening to cinematic tracks. The album consists of 10 tracks. The opening piece #ADisappearingAct, is a relaxing acoustic piece that combines harp-like folk strings with a steady drum roll, acoustic piano, a subtle bassline, and gorgeously layered female vocals. #GoodBeginners continues to showcase the angelic vocal ability of the lead singer and the carefully crafted instrumentation of the musicians. This song brings listeners deep into the realm of the group. #Newlyweds offers a fresh sound in the form of soft rock and pop production. The guitar riffs are bubbly and remind me of Every Breathe You Take by The Police. There are several guitar layers present in this track that make the piece stand out along with the vocals. #Nathalie is a cinematic track that edges towards eerie cinematics - I love the shift in the narrative here as it offers listeners yet another side to the creative talents of the band. The keys add a sprinkle of happiness whilst the keys hold a sadness within their sound. Again, the vocals are gorgeous and the lyrics are amazing. #APerfectFrost takes us back into the world of easy listening through an acoustic setting. In this track, the vocals take the spotlight and are merely guided by the accompanying instrumentation. The vocals of this track remind me of Gabrielle Aplin. #TheCurators is a stunning composition. In this piece, the keys carry the vocals in an intimate and heartfelt production. I love the way that this piece allows the listener to really embody the track and the meaning behind its creation. This is my favorite piece on the album. #YouCan'tPretendintheDark continues to showcase the skillset of the pianist. This piece is highly meditative and captured my attention greatly. The vocals tell a folk-style story without the typical formation of a folk piece. The keys border on classical and the drums offer a rolling beat to carry the track through its varying velocity. One thing that stands out to me here is the dream pop guitar elements that linger in the background - it gives the listener the familiarity of bands such as Coldplay. As the piece develops the introduction of violins enhances the folk feel of the piece perfectly. A beautiful piece packed with stunning harmonies and dynamics wrapped into an intimate production. #Submarine mixes major and minor keys to give the listener an intense bass tone as well as a choppy minor chord structure. This is another gorgeously intimate piece. The penultimate piece entitled #AllThatMatters radiates a calm sense of sadness. In this world, there are songs that entertain you and there are songs that feel like a part of your emotions. This song feels like home. Closing the album is the track #ParticularConflicts, a song that contains not a single syllable but speaks volumes. This is a beautiful album, one that has been put together flawlessly and offers a space for listeners to get completely lost in.


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