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Trick I: Dreams

Leipzig, Germany

#YungShizi is a 17-year-old artist living in Leipzig, Germany. He has been making electronic music for the last two years. His latest EP is an intriguing one. "Trick I: Dreams " marks the first project of seven that takes inspiration from "A Story In Seven Tricks"is the title of his latest project which took influence from The 7 tricks of Max and Moritz.

The project opens with a piece entitled "prologue ° A Story In Seven Tricks". Here we're given the prologue of Max and Moritz with a twist of originality by #YungShizi. This works wonders for piecing together the concept and inspiration behind the work.

"10's away" is the next piece on the EP. Here we get just under 2 minutes of tecno-infused sounds and Drum and Bass. The piece is packed with heavy 808s, typical Drum and Bass/Jungle beat and techno synth chops along with sprinkles of cinematic bell synths. "call girl" is a piece that mixes hip-hop percussion and bass with a muddy vocal performance and sci-fi sounding futuristic robotic vocal samples. One thing that amazed me about this track was the sudden transition into a screamo-based production. This was really different to hear! "salt bar" takes the techno influence that was found in earlier pieces and brings them to the forefront of the piece along with heavy bass and rap vocals. "soft & sober" takes listeners back into Drum and Bass. In the opening listeners are given a subtle Drum and Bass percussion loop before a sudden delve into gritty distortion. This is a seriously unique piece! Closing the project is a track entitled "sleeping lion". This track begins completely different to the others on the project. There's a lo-fi sound in its opening and as the piece progresses we hear the heavy bass take over the piece but in a way that is still lighter than the previous tracks on the EP. This is a cool way to conclude part 1 of this project.

Overall, I think that #YungShizi has a real talent! At only 17 years old I see the future of this artist as being one that showcases prosperity and dominance within his field. It's hard to pinpoint this artist's specific genre but I would say that this is an artist that uses the key structures of many and manipulates them to create a sound that truly is consistent and unique to the artist. I certainly haven't heard of such uniqueness in this form before. If rap, Drum and Bass, techno and even screamo are something that you want to hear manifest into one whole project then you definitely need to click the link below and see what #YungShizi has to offer. One thing that I would say to the artist is to lift your vocals! Bring them out more in the mix, and let listeners really hear your words. This is a solid project from a new artist and producer!



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