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ALEC BERLIN - Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)


Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Credit - Jeremy Varner

Alec Berlin never fails to impress and this time is no different. His latest single, ‘Beat Confabulator,’ is a jazzy, heavy, bluesy and futuristic guitar-based instrumental that takes funk seriously. Now that’s a complicated mouthful, but the single is simply delightful. Its rhythm comes from a deeply distorted guitar at first. A brighter axe swings over top, waving new lines of interstellar melody. It builds, shifts, and climbs. Just when you get comfy, bolt stop. Half-time, jazz. It smooths out. It gets to its feet and swings, clicking with one hand like a greaser. Comfy? Switch. Back to bluesy rock. Switch, country. Switch, flamenco. Switch…

Alec Berlin’s play style is eclectic. A jack of all trades and master of all of them too. He takes a through-line idea, in this instance the discussion of rhythm, and takes it as far as it can go. Splashes it with genre-defining sounds and makes a heck of a song out of it. ‘Beat Confabulator’ is blues for the future you. You can thank yourself later.



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