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ALEXIA VEGAS - Calling of the City


Calling of the City

New York, United States

Alexia Vegas is bringing an attitude and musicality, that is usually only found in cult indie blowout bands, into the mainline pop scene, and it rocks. Their latest single, ‘Calling of the City,’ is a hallmark track that speaks to Alexis Vegas’ sound as a whole. It's bright, effervescent and full of beautiful harmonies that scale the melodic walls of the track. The bass and hook grab you right away, bright lights of synth twinkle off in the distance and you cannot help but be pulled towards them. When you arrive, at the city of lights, there is a voice. Clear and confident it is scaling the rooftops, skidding down lampposts and traipsing down steps; the voice of Alexia Vegas, calling you into the melodic underground.

‘Calling of the City’ hits that pop sweet spot but offers something more… If you’re into modern pop but wished it pushed the boat out a little, got hot and sweaty with effort and ended up with something sparkling and new. Then look no further than Alexia Vegas’ ‘Calling of the City.’


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