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Alice June's 'The Right Way': A Cinematic Journey of Self-Discovery

Alice June's Delicate Alt/Indie Pop Ballad Takes Listeners on an Introspective Love Journey
Cover art for Alice June's 'The Right Way,' featuring an ethereal and artistic portrayal of Alice, symbolizing the song's themes of love, introspection, and self-discovery in a cinematic alt/indie pop style.
Cover art for Alice June's 'The Right Way'

Alice June is a singer-songwriter based in Milano, Italy who has a supreme gift for crafting alt/indie pop ballads. With her recent return, her fourth single, 'The Right Way', June's ability to capture an audience hasn't dipped - rather the opposite. She's flying high since the release of her latest single. So, what makes 'The Right Way' different from every other artist we skip through on streaming services?

This track is a delicate yet cinematic and introspective piece that perfectly captures the mix of emotions that are felt at the start of a new relationship and the ensuing self-discovery. 'The Right Way' digs deep into the complexity of the heart, and explores the new perspectives and self-realisations that come with falling in love. Each listen will peel back another layer of self, thus revealing a deeper connection to the song's strong lyrics.

Recorded between London and Italy, 'The Right Way' benefits from an international team of musicians and engineers. This global collaboration, along with mastering by a multi-Grammy-winning sound engineer in the US, adds a refined, international flavor to the track. That's not all though, Alice June's music has graced stages in Milan and theaters across Northern Italy, resonating with audiences through its emotional depth and storytelling. Critics have praised her work for its emotional resonance and narrative-driven composition, likening it to the soundtrack of an indie movie.

Promotional image of Alice June, capturing her reflective and introspective aura, set against a backdrop that artistically represents the cinematic and emotional depth of her single 'The Right Way.'
Promotional image of Alice June for release 'The Right Way.'

At its core, 'The Right Way' is a love song that transcends the typical. It's an invitation to explore the evolution of emotions and self-awareness that accompanies a new romance.

The first thing that hits you is the clarity and tone of the acoustic guitar. Absolutely stunning. It's raw, as a swaying feeling lingers within the background. Then the main vocals appear, they're sweet, resting in pop yet as an electrifying of lead guitar comes into play the vocals seem to also have an air of rockstar about them. As the drumming melds the piece together, the sound gets heavier. A hint of country and even classic rock seep into the composition so smoothly. Before you know it, you find yourself completely enthralled within a cinematic film set right within your own mind. It's genius cinematics, and the song itself is a hit! Reminiscent of the likes of Evanescence and who doesn't love that?

Taking influence from an array of artists from British indie pop icons Florence and the Machine, Bat for Lashes, and London Grammar it's clear to understand that Alice June leans towards the darker more luring sounds of alt-pop.

Genres: Alternative Pop, Dark-Pop, Cinematic, Rock Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Moods: Nostalgic, Love, Introspective, Cinematic

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