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Alison Cohen Dives into the 'Deep End' with Her Captivating Synth Pop Single

Synth pop artist Alison Cohen is making waves with her latest single, "Deep End," a mesmerizing blend of floaty synth pop and nostalgic 80s vibes. This Seattle-born artist, now based in Los Angeles, has crafted a track that is perfect for late-night drives or watching the sunset at the beach.

"Deep End" is a sonic journey that immerses listeners in a warm, chill atmosphere. The shimmering, floaty synths make you feel like you're swimming in warm water, while the drop delivers a sense of freedom that's truly liberating. The track is a testament to Cohen's exceptional songwriting and production skills, showcasing her ability to create infectious melodies and introspective lyrics.

As a female producer in an industry where representation is still rare, Cohen has poured her heart and soul into writing and producing this track. Her unique blend of influences, from EDM artists like San Holo and EMBRZ to pop stars like Taylor Swift and MUNA, infuses her music with a fresh and modern edge.

"Deep End" follows the success of her debut EP "Neon Girl" in 2018, which amassed over 120,000 streams, and her single "Closer To You" in 2021. With this new release, Cohen is poised to captivate even more listeners with her chill, happy 80s vibes.

Cohen's music is a testament to her artistic vision and her ability to blend nostalgic influences with a contemporary touch. "Deep End" is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners, solidifying her status as a promising force in the synth pop genre. Prepare to be swept away by Alison Cohen's captivating new single as she continues to establish herself as an artist to watch, both in Los Angeles and beyond.



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