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"All As One" - A Confluence of Music, Sports, and Charity: The Brother Sea's Anthem Makes Waves

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"All As One": Brother Sea's Anthem for Rugby and Charity

This is an inspiring project on multiple levels. Not only is it an anthem for the Scotland Rugby Team but also a charity single in aid of the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation, a wonderful confluence of sport and philanthropy. The song serves as a platform to uplift both the team and a cause that is close to the heart of Scottish Rugby.

The collaboration between Brother Sea and the in-house producer Robin Wynn Evans at T Pot Studios appears to have been a fruitful one. Given the band's mix of international and domestic talents — Kristian Lannen (Lead vocal/Acoustic Guitar), Robyn McKay (Vocal/Whistle/Highland Pipes), Adam Csenki (Vocal/Fiddle/Piano), Calum Ingram (Vocal/Cello), Rossini Cavalcante (Drums/Percussion), and Lorna Thomas (Bass) — the diversity and richness in musical styles would likely add a unique flavor to the anthem.

Music has always had the power to unite people around causes, and "All As One" seems to encapsulate that perfectly. It channels the spirit of unity and support, making it not just a sports anthem but a cultural statement as well.

The song, written by Kristian Lannen, also reflects personal passion, as he's a lifelong supporter of the Scotland Rugby Team. This intimate connection likely brings a depth of emotion to the song, resonating with other fans and perhaps even the players themselves.

It's also a noble cause that the proceeds from the song go to the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation. This adds a layer of gravitas to the song, making it not just a form of entertainment but also a vehicle for social good. Paul Thompson's acknowledgment on behalf of the foundation underscores the significant impact that such collaborations can have.

Overall, "All As One" seems to embody a harmonious fusion of music, sports, and charity, serving as a powerful reminder of the good that can come when diverse talents unite for a common purpose.


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