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Amelia's 'Free': A Genre-Blending Pop Symphony Tailored with Creativity and Freedom

‘Free’ is the latest single from Amelia and it is a poppy belter throughout, but it moves the needle over to country, tracks into soul and leaves you feeling funky like a folk track. There is a lot to unpack here, and no matter what kind of vibe you’re into at the moment, I have no doubt that you’ll find something you like in ‘Free.’ It’s the synths in the back, raging against the bass. There are piano textures, hints of guitars and percussion that will send you spiralling out over the dance floor. What holds it all together is Amelia’s vocal strength. There is a grit in the back of it that helps the bass, it punches the highs when the synths need a boost and it holds a rhythm, keeping the beat steady. It’s wonderfully performed.

Throughout it all there is a looseness, a freedom. At first, it doesn’t fit the pop melody you have in your head, but once you listen, it fits like it was tailored for you. There is an openness to the melody, a smoothness and a fun-loving spirit in the bass. To sum it up, the song is free, just like its namesake. Sometimes it doesn’t follow the lines, sometimes it lets loose all the way! That’s what makes ‘Free’ great, and that’s what is getting me excited to hear more from Amelia. It’s the creativity at the foundation of the song as well as at the top. It’s music that feels different, and I’m all in.



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