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AMIE JAY - Miss Being In Love

Miss Being In Love’ is a single from Amie Jay that takes modern pop and mixes it with classic compositions and full-bodied synth tones. There is a flow to the song that feels familiar like an old friend, the sense the chords were always meant to be. Once the light of the vocal cascades down over the beat, you know that the world will keep spinning and everything will keep on keeping on. ‘Miss Being In Love’ reminisces on the budding love we have all felt once or twice. That sweet feeling keeps us up for all the right reasons and makes the sun shine brighter. Amie Jay has captured that feeling with masterful clarity in this single. It is loud, proud, and full of colour.

Pop has changed over the years, that is the nature of it. I am particularly fond of the pop tones of today, however. Amie Jay has taken those tones up a notch with ‘Miss Being In Love.’ Big plays, big synths, and a smashing chorus. Amazing.



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