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Andrew J's 'Summer Days': A Heartfelt Indie Pop Anthem That Radiates with Emotion

Andrew J has poured his heart into his single, ‘Summer Days.’ It’s a song that floods you with emotion from the very start, you can feel it in the melody, in the beat even. There is such a connection to the soul, and that's what pulls you in. The song sits in that new-wave indie pop zone. Glossy guitars fly over sparkling drums as the bass follows the root and the vocals steal the show. It’s all so clean, so crisp — you can get straight to the message, or you can get lost in the brilliant melody; the choice is yours.

‘Summer Days’ took no time at all to get good. There’s no “waiting for the good bit.” Andrew J has honed the track to perfection. Either that or the song was simply meant to be and came out of Andrew J’s mind complete with all the trimmings. How the song arrived doesn’t change the fact that it is an absolute banger. Soul warming.



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