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Honey Trudge

Chicago, United States

Riff-heavy grunge grooves are what you get when you listen to the newly released single from ‘Anfang’. ‘Honey Trudge’ is an alt-rock garage blues rock anthem wrapped up in a pop melody. Powerful vocals by Andie Zaragoza take this track to its edge – be sure to make sure that you’re ready!

Don’t expect a build-up here, the band go straight in with a bang. The guitar riffs are sublime, hard-hitting and full of power. The drumming is just as powerful as the vocals, they complement everything so perfectly! Composed with skill and mixed to perfection!

The riffs progress throughout, bringing metal into the second half. There’s a seriously strong energy within this band, a chemistry that rings throughout this piece. I love love love love love love this one. What did I ever do before I found Anfang? ‘Honey Trudge’ is the sh**!


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