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ANNIE ANNA - Drowning

Drowning’ from Annie Anna is a single that embraces the flow of its inspirations in order to create a sound that mesmerises. Think acoustic guitars, flaring with fast strums over open waters as wide bass lines carve constellations in the night sky. The percussion is giving chase, fast but soft, it keeps to the wooden textures of the guitar and meets it through ocean spray. That’s when the vocal comes in. It’s bright, lighting the scene with pristine melodies and subtle harmonics. The chorus shifts down and guns it, tone exploding out at every angle as the vocal jumps up a register and gives it everything.

Annie Anna has found the equilibrium between texture and melody. ‘Drowning’ feels like a stellar song in its instrumental and vocal performances, but what pushes the song over the edge of silver and into gold is that hook and melody they all come together to create. A brilliant track for lovers of great music.



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