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Anton Commissaris Sets The Stage For Love With New Single 'Closer to You'

Album cover of Anton Commissaris’s 'Closer to You'

A Blend of Jazz Harmony and R&B Grooves Makes Anton Commissaris’s Latest Single a Must-Listen for Love Song Aficionados.

From the sun-soaked hills of Menlo Park, California, Anton Commissaris unveils his amorous new single, 'Closer to You.' Wrapped in the velvety tones of old-school R&B and jazz, the song captures the yearning of a man spellbound by the object of his affection, who remains oblivious to his feelings. But as the lyrics reassure, he is unshaken, committed to winning her heart "with each day."

Love in Lyrics

The song's narrative is as compelling as its melody, opening with heartfelt lines like "There are many things I’d say and do just to get a little closer to you." The sentiment intensifies as the man wonders how to stay in the woman’s thoughts each day. Meticulously woven into this romantic pursuit are poetic landscapes: sunsets in a sky of blue and fields of gold, each marking milestones in his unrelenting quest for love.

Album cover of Anton Commissaris’s 'Closer to You'

A Musical Tapestry

What sets 'Closer to You' apart is its vibrant R&B backbeat and flourishing piano arrangements that perfectly accentuate the song’s romantic undertones. Each musical element, including a key change in the bridge, serves not just as a structural technique, but also as an emotional amplifier to the story. From past scars to potential salvation, the song is an open book that speaks to all hopeful romantics.

Influences and Inspiration

A devoted student of Jazz and Soul, Commissaris credits greats like Cole Porter, Antonio Carlos-Jobim, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers for shaping his songwriting prowess. Vocally, he pays homage to male legends like Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, while lauding female powerhouses like Sarah Vaughan and Etta James.

A Prolific Journey

After stepping away from a successful Silicon Valley career, Anton has fully immersed himself in music. Since 2021, he has released multiple EPs across a spectrum of genres, from Jazz to country to Broadway tunes. His most recent project, 'Soul Safari,' is set to debut in October 2023, featuring the enchanting 'Closer to You.'

A Timeless Classic

Fans of Frank Sinatra, Jose James, and Stevie Wonder will find comfort in the nostalgic yet fresh grooves of 'Closer to You.' In a time when love songs often lack depth, Anton Commissaris delivers a timeless, adult contemporary classic that reminds us of the power of romantic resolve.


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