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London, United Kingdom

Credit - Natalia De Sousa

‘Bambina’ from Arianna Brizzi is a pop track you need to experience. The song glows in the nightlight. A sound, warm as love, burning from the core of the melody. Those vocals! They shoot up from the fire like embers, floating down to rest on the heat of the chorus, harmonies forming circles of orange light as they move. The instrumental is vast, yet also quaint. The percussion splashes off in the distance while a piano plays to you, and only you. ‘Bambina’ is a personal song. For the artist and for whoever listens to it. It feels like a secret whispered amongst friends. The kind that makes you giddy, excited for the future and simply loving the moment you are in right now.

Arianna Brizzi is coming in hot. ‘Bambina’ has all the hallmarks of an outstanding pop tune. The beat is there, the vibe is strong, the lyrics are memorable and the vocals shine through it all. Arianna Brizzi is a name to look out for. Big things are coming, I can feel it.



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