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Arianna Brizzi's "Bad Choices" Delivers a Masterful Blend of Gritty Pop and Engaging Melodies

‘Bad choices’ is one of those pop songs that nails the sound it was going for. Here, Arianna Brizzi shot for that gritty pop, that we are all beginning to fall in love with, and nailed it. There's the melody that catches you right from the start. It trails from the beat, gaining momentum as it does so, before picking up the vocals and sending the song on its way. The grit? That comes from the guitars. They growl and chug and eventually drop back to add layers of depth to the root of the song. The vocal powers on, and the beat builds. ‘Bad choices’ grows and grows.

Arianna Brizzi shows a complex understanding of textures and how they interlink with melodies. You can ruin a great melody with the wrong sound, but that will never be a problem for Arianna Brizzi. On ‘Bad choices’ everything not only sounds right but sounds like it belongs. Nothing needs changing, everything is where it is supposed to be. A pop song to be proud of, and one that everyone should experience.

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