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Arliston Closes 2023 with 'Thawed': A Mesmerizing Blend of Icy Undertones and Spacey Atmospherics

Cover art for Arliston's 'Thawed', featuring imagery that captures the icy undertones and atmospheric depth of their latest indie track.
Cover art for Arliston's 'Thawed'

The Duo, Arliston hailing from South London are known for their spacey, atmospheric music. Now, they're back to add to their catalog with a new release. The group introduces 'Thawed' as their last release of the year. With a desire for it to hit the target as special, they have meticulously crafted a piece that showcases a new dimension of their music.

Juxtaposed to their previous work, 'Thawed' has an icy undertone yet it remains heartfelt. Bringing a gust of warm backing vocals and harmonies, the icy chill can be taken with a hint of heat too. It contains a classy arrangement, that works wonders to the song's reception.

'Thawed' is carried by folk-infused guitar picking, a rich background of orchestral strings, and layered vocal intricacies. The composition builds from hazy into a chorus that is full, featuring angular drums, snarling basslines, and stunning vocals. It's a clever piece, it builds where it needs to and strips down where it works effectively.

Promotional image of Arliston
Promotional image of Arliston

When speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Vocalist, Jack Ratcliffe describes 'Thawed' as a story about a character trapped in a cyclical loop of behavior, addicted to negativity and illusion. With the added perspective of George Hasbury who views the song as a blend of Americana and British indie, pushing the boundaries of their established sound.

There's a sense of quality that seeps from within 'Thawed', whether that's due to its auditory hypnotics, the energy of the duo themselves, or a combination of the whole production process. It's safe to say that the piece has been mixed and co-produced by Brett Shaw, known for his work with The Foals and Florence and the Machine, who ensured the vision of a balanced soundscape.

Already receiving critical acclaim, Arliston has received widespread support, with their music amassing over 2.7m streams on Spotify and support from BBC Radio One and Amazing Radio. I can see exactly why! There's no chance of this one being overlooked or skipped, it has to be another one of my tracks of the week!

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