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ARTMADE's "Forever" - A Timeless Musical Offering from the "RED" EP

ARTMADE's "Forever" - A Timeless Musical Offering from the "RED" EP

As we flip the calendar page back to July 28, 2023, where the music world buzzes with anticipation. Artmade, a musical stalwart with a two-decade-long journey under its belt, unveils its latest masterpiece – the EP, "RED." A decade has passed since their last album, "Artmade," graced our ears, and fans around the globe have eagerly awaited what comes next. With "RED", Artmade doesn't just return; they triumphantly roar back onto the musical landscape.

Cover art of Artmade's "RED" EP, showcasing the band's evocative and mature sound, symbolizing two decades of musical evolution and dedication.

"Forever," the third song off "RED", is already generating a significant amount of excitement. If "Close to Shame," the EP's first single, is anything to go by, "Forever" promises to be another sonic delight. "Close to Shame" was not just a song; it was a global sensation. From the USA to India, Switzerland to England, listeners were entranced by the track's magnetic pull. Airwaves in Canada, USA, and England resonated with its beats, setting a high bar for "Forever" to follow.

23 years in the industry have endowed Artmade with a refined musical palette, allowing them to craft music that is mature, rich in texture, and immaculately produced. The tracks in "RED" are a testament to this journey, each echoing with the depth of experiences and the wisdom garnered along the way.

But "RED" is just the beginning. As the first of three EPs that make up their tenth album, it sets the stage for what's to come. With a promise of more music on the horizon in 2023, the future looks resplendent for both Artmade and their fans.

As listeners across the world press play on "Forever", there's an unspoken understanding that with Artmade, it's not just about the music. It's about the connection, the shared journey, and the timeless bond forged through melodies and harmonies. In "Forever", as in every track Artmade produces, this bond is palpable. The world doesn't just listen to Artmade; it feels them, deeply and profoundly.



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