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Unveiling the Arturia MiniFuse Recording Pack: The All-in-One Game Changer for Home Studios

Arturia makes music gear in various shapes and sizes, but they are most known for their recording equipment. For home studios they are a great name to look into as their setups are aimed at that midrange crowd — they’re compact and easy on the wallet. Now they have released a collection of their products together in one tantalising bundle: The Arturia MiniFuse Recording Pack. This pack comes with everything you need to start recording at home, including premium software and quality-of-life features like a metal pop filter for the cardioid microphone. This set is for people with big ambitions who need the tools to make magic happen.

The set includes a MiniFuse 2 Audio Interface (which alone is sitting pretty at over £100), a set of closed-back Arturia EF1 Monitoring Headphones, a CM1 Cardioid microphone with shock mount and a metal pop filter. On top of all the hardware comes a flood of software: Ableton Live Lite, Analog Lab Intro, Arturia FX, Splice Creator Plan and more. All of this ensures that you not only have what you need to pursue your sound, but the space to do it in.

CM1 Cardioid Microphone paired with a metal pop filter, ideal for vocal recording.
A Great Microphone To Get You Started!

This bundle sits at £279.00 on Andertons which is a steal. With the audio interface running at £114.00 in places like Gear 4 Music, it’s a marvel that this whole bundle is sitting so low. Once you take into account the software alone you are coming close to the asking price, then factor in the mic and the headphones? You’re golden. This is a pack to get you started. The mic is great to start with, but you may want something with more fidelity as you go on. The headphones are good, but again you could find ones you prefer down the line. The wonder child is the interface. For home studios, this is everything you need from a brand you can rely on. It’s priced well, enticing, and clearly designed to help you in the door of music production. Whether you’re looking to start recording your band’s singles or you’re looking to break into electric music on your lonesome, this pack is what you need to get that musical ball rolling.


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