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Backstage Pass Exclusive: Wild Horse's 'Wednesday Night Distractions' - A Symphony of Indie Fervor and Brit Rock Legacy!

Discover how Wild Horse's latest anthem is setting the stage for a transformative 2024
Backstage view of 'Wednesday Night Distractions' cover art, a visual anthem to Wild Horse's fusion of indie charm and Brit Rock vigor.
Backstage view of 'Wednesday Night Distractions' cover art

Wild Horse, an exuberant indie trio from East Sussex, England, is making waves in the music scene with their unique blend of funked-up guitar pop and classic Brit Rock. Comprising brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and their childhood friend Ed Barnes, the band channels the energy of hip-hop beats and 60s/70s rock into their dynamic sound. Known for their relentless work ethic, Wild Horse has earned acclaim from BBC Introducing and mainstream media, with multiple tracks named BBC "Tracks of the Day."

Their latest single, "WEDNESDAY NIGHT DISTRACTIONS," encapsulates their vibrant style and is poised to mark 2024 as a transformative year for the band. Celebrated for their energetic live shows and prolific recording output, Wild Horse stands out as one of the hardest-working and most promising indie bands on the scene.

Can you delve into the creative process behind "WEDNESDAY NIGHT DISTRACTIONS" and what inspired you to write a song celebrating nights out and friends with benefits?

I wrote the song about 2 years ago when I was at Uni and enjoying being single and exploring those areas of adult life that had become available to me by living away from home for the first time. I wrote it after being mugged at knifepoint one night whilst I was waiting for someone to meet me. I ended up grabbing a guitar the next day and coming out with the song. For some reason I wrote it about the situation I had with the person I was seeing the night before as opposed to the whole being mugged thing. I don’t know why but that’s what came out.

With your reputation for energetic live shows, how do you translate the excitement of "WEDNESDAY NIGHT DISTRACTIONS" into your live performances?

As a three-piece band we have to be quite innovative with how we play our tracks live, we do occasionally use a sample pad to assist, (thankfully Ed is great with this), we may change some Keyboard parts to guitar, whatever sounds best live. I think its important to adapt songs for a live audience. Live versions should be different, we even have different live versions of tracks dependent on where they are put in a set list. We are playing “Wednesday Night Distractions” live for the first time in 3 weeks & are still playing with the live version, it will be different, but we guarantee in a good way.

Being a band formed among close friends and family, how do these relationships influence your music-making process?

I’m not sure its any different to other bands now as we meet up for rehearsals, we share demo ideas electronically & discuss ideas when we meet. As we always rehearse thoroughly for live gigs & recording sessions, we normally see each other a lot in any case.

How do you feel your music has evolved from your earlier releases to your latest single, and what new elements have you incorporated?

We were very young when we started and our initial main musical influences came from the type of music our parents played, all good stuff, Stones, Hendrix, CSNY, Beatles, Doors, etc. As time went on, we broaden our tastes to just about everything & I think this is clear in our songs, we are not genre fixed & are happy to go in whatever direction feels right.

What was it like working with producer Matt Leppanen again, and how has he influenced the sound of "WEDNESDAY NIGHT DISTRACTIONS"?

Its always a good experience working with Matt & he adds a lot to the process. He also plays some keyboards & synthesizer parts on a number of our songs. Before we go to the studio Matt will already be familiar with what we are recording as he gets sent demos way in advance.

After a successful 2023, what are your specific goals for 2024, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Our goal for 2024 is to be able to fund our lives purely from doing what we love most, so the day none of us have to have other jobs to support ourselves & we can concentrate on music being our career, we can call that success. How to get there will be by building on 2023, more gigs, bigger support slots, more festivals & hopefully getting mainstream Radio 1 & 6 radio play. In other words, a lot more work.

Having multiple tracks recognized as BBC "Tracks of the Day," how has this recognition impacted your career and visibility in the music industry?

We are very lucky to have BBC Introducing in the UK. Getting played

on your local BBC Intro show certainly helps lift your profile, but it does not guarantee instant success, its an important step on the road. We are very grateful that we have had many of our BBC intro tracks also picked as “Track Of The Day” which then get played on other mainstream programs receiving greater attention & definitely sending a signal to the industry. In fact, all our singles from 2023 were “Tracks of the Day” & we are pleased to say that the new one has already been on BBC Intro & has just been picked as “Track Of The Day”, so a really good start to 2024.

and finally, is there anything you'd like to say to the people reading this?

We hope you enjoy our new single “Wednesday Night Distractions” & perhaps take a listen to our other songs on whatever platform you prefer. There's plenty more to come so keep an eye out for new releases & if we are playing live near you, please come & see us, we always guarantee to entertain.

Answered by Jack Baldwin, the band's frontman & main songwriter.

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