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Bad Bubble's 'Clover Mess': A Stellar Symphony of Synth, Shattering Expectations

The wonderful minds of Bad Bubble have produced a stellar single that will challenge and delight you with its deep synthetic roots and incredible melodic ceiling. ‘Clover Mess’ is a track that feels its way through the dark with harmony and creativity. It’s the sheer variation of sounds that gives the track its strength. The vocal starts out in the middle of the room. Around it, synths spin — and they spin fast. The wind picks up, lilac and blue, the beat drops in, splashes of black and gold fill the space; still, the vocal stands sentinel. Until the time comes that we have all been waiting for — the drop of the ages.

Shoom! Whack! Gurgle! The song flies through a black hole and out the other side — similar but transformed, a new angle, a new light, a new way of thinking. This change sets fire to your expectations and now the song rises above them in the hazy smoke they create. The vocal swims in the sound, moving from wall to wall as the synths fill the space — every inch, every atom reverberating with harmony. The chorus hits again and this time it’s even bolder, even wiser. This is a track you do not want to mess with.

Bad Bubble are making sounds that will diversify their genre. ‘Clover Mess’ features these sounds and because of them, it is a treasure most gold. Enthralling.



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