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Istanbul, Turkey

Barrista is here to play and they’re gonna blow out all the speakers in your setup. Headphones are gonna blow, hair is gonna fly as you play their single ‘Billions’ at full volume, trust me you won’t be able to resist. It's metal, hair metal, 90s rock and 80s glam with a touch of Aerosmith and Pearl Jam. Whatever it is, it's new, and it's fantastic. The sounds come together to create a classic rock stage that you have to love. The drums are snappy, rolling in time and keeping everything else militant. The guitars wail, pull and twist and run on the edge of the temp while the bass pushes the whole track into the stratosphere. The vocals are alive, when there’s no one in the mainstream with pipes like these (which there really isn’t anymore) you forget just how powerful, gritty and sexy voices can be. Were talking KISS level of oomph, with some Cornell thrown in there. It's a wonder, and you simply have to listen to it.

The song plays with a classic construction, but it does it so well. The beats come as you would expect but they still blow you away. It's the art of something done masterfully. When the peak of the sound hits you the rock and roll is insurmountable. Barrista’s ‘Billions’ will rile you up and knock you down in a tight leather jacket and hair down to its knees.


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