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'Bed of Roses' – Jane N' The Jungle's Explosive Indie Rock Single, Blending Innovative Sounds

Jane N’ The Jungle have come out of the shadows at full pelt, digging in their heels and reeling for pole position. ‘Bed of Roses’ is a single that takes the heat of today and simmers it into rock. It’s bright, and it feels so clean. That bass cuts through the conversation, it’s time for music and we shall all be listening. The bounce, the beat, the drums splash into the fray with passion and speed. The guitars tune up, get down, and form spectacular chords as the melody falls from the mouth of the vocalist. It’s a thorny rose bed, every twist and turn cuts you a new way. The song is sharp, on the bleeding edge of indie rock. You can feel that, the innovation and the risks that Jane N’ The Jungle are taking with this sound. It is electrifying.

Once the rhythm is a part of you the way is clear. You fall into the beats of the song, the verse, the build, the pre, and into the chorus. It’s a beautiful set of motions as clear as the seasons changing. This makes that melody all the more gripping. You feel the tension, you know there is a drop coming and then wham! There it goes. ‘Bed of Roses’ is just the kind of indie rock single you need in your life. It’s big, it’s bold, and it never pulls a punch.



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