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Side A

Oleksandriya, Ukraine

bedroom dj formally known as Yevhenii (Jack) is an artist from Ukraine who uses his time to wisely to create music that is full of storytelling. His debut EP entitled ‘Side A’ was released on December 23rd, combining themes of mental health, bullying and love.

This solo artist has depth within his heart and spills them out to the world through music in a lo-fi and post-punk, new wave form.

‘Side A’ consisting of 4 tracks, take listeners through the mind of bedroom dj, where agoraphobia becomes his own strength for music. Opening with the track ‘Troublemaker (Dark Side)’ takes listeners through a world of distant reverbed and autotuned lead vocals, trap soul vocal chops, funky whammy bar melodies and synth bass. Demons, beware, bedroom d knows all about you.

‘My Pills Don’t Work’ is a hypnotic EDM production with a post-punk, synth rock vocal. Distortion, distortion and distortion – the lead vocals take a turn towards the darkness to portray things that nightmares dream of.

‘Bullying (I’ll Never Leave You)’ sees the project return to synth rock – this time with a faster tempo and an emo post-punk feel. There’s a reoccurrence of darkness that holds on somewhere in between the lyrics and the instrumentation that is carefully balanced with melodic synths and fast tempos.

Closing the EP is a song entitled ‘Giselle’ – and this is a fine balance between acoustic and electronic, pop and rock. A slower, elongated feel with stretched vocals and a slow tempo to lure listeners into hypnosis.

bedroom dj has a true talent for exercising (or exorcising) his emotions through sound. This is brilliant! - TAMARA JENNA



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