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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Hey, thanks for joining us! So, tell our readers who you are!

Teè Leonie AKA Litesha Bailey, popularly known as Teè Leonie is a vibrant, young lady born within the heart of the Wolverhampton, UK.

Nice, so when did you realise that you were an artist?

I realised I was an artist from a very young age, I had been heavily involved within the choir/ orchestra playing several instruments consisting of the trumpet, flute, violin, piano to which I now play the guitar. One specific and significant moment that really confirmed it for me was when I gained the role of Dorothy within the wiz of oz, the teachers couldn’t believe my vocal ability and that really gave me the validation and since then I’ve not stopped singing and I continue to thrive.

Sounds like you have multiple talents then! So, when was 'Belong' released?

Belong was released Friday 17th September 2021

When creating 'Belong' who were your biggest artistic influences?

In regards to my writing style and influences, they would have to be individuals like Lauryn Hill, Eryksh Badu, Janet Kay, Aretha Franklin and most importantly the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson in regards to his philosophy and his humanitarian approach to life to which he portray through the conscious and uplifting messages within his lyrics to which we need more of! Plus his artistry is just impeccable, I feel no one can compete. This really influenced ‘Belong’ which sounds the Afro – Neo/ soul infusion of ‘My Story’ and expresses my belonging and desire to achieve, the track really instils a powerful message reminding my brothers and sisters about the importance of being present and appreciative within where you are and claiming your place, without validation from anyone, being original, authentic, and unapologetically YOU with utter confidence.

When is your favourite time of the day to create?

To be very honest, there’s not really a particular time as inspiration and ideas for rhythms, beats and lyrics could spur whenever and it can just be a point of trying to capture it as a when. However, I do tend to notice that it’s mainly the evenings when my writing cap will overflow and I can’t stop, it just takes over.

What would you say motivates you to create?

This is such a resourceful question, one that is very hard to answer. I feel for myself personally, my motivation is initiated through my ambition for more love, change, growth and acceptance to which I wish to communicate with the world, spreading more conscious and enlightening messages from my story, (no pun intended) to which individuals can thrive to.

How do you define success as an artist? What does success look like to Teeleonie?

Success for me would have to be any accomplishments that come into fruitions, any goals and ambitions that I achieve. Anything that furthers me in my career is a success to which will amount to bigger ones.

And does art help you in other areas of your life?

Music is therapeutic, it’s so stimulating and depending upon the type of music that is created then foreshadows the effects. Positive, uplifting music in high frequencies really helps to strengthen my mentality and activates determination, it truly helps with health and well-being.

How do you develop your artistic skills?

In terms of my vocal ability and progress, this is enhanced through vocal warm - ups and vocal/breathing exercises to broaden my range and improve breath control. Furthermore, I love to experiment with multiple genres and instruments to which I work upon my strengths and weakness, developing my techniques daily.

We touched on what success looks like to you but what would you say are your ultimate career goals?

My ultimate career goals are to share my uplifting messages and lyrics to inflict and generate positive vibrations to uplift and edify the nations, touring and sharing my story globally, supported by other like minded artists to which have the same philosophy.

I also aim to create a foundation and label to which artists can come together collaboratively and share their work surrounding bringing unity, empowerment and growth, conducting workshops and influencing progressive change.

We've seen a few collaborations from you, how do you collaborate with other artists?

I regularly collaborate with artists in terms of networking and socialising through support networks like Girls I rate and other unified groups via Instagram, sharing ideas, projects, accomplishments etc. However musically, I’ve collaborated with the phenomenal artist High Tempo to which was initiated via the atmosphere studio, listening to influential beats to which upon selecting two preferred, merged our reggae and neo - soul vibes to then create ‘Fever’ and ‘No Matter What”.

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

Moving into 2022, your Lady Teè has been non – stop, to which she now gears up to provide you with a gift, to uplift you upon Mothers to which is only a couple days away and I shall be bringing the Official lyric video for ‘My Story’ to which will highlight a year since it’s release. I’m also pleased to announce that my latest single release ‘Belong’ shall be featured within Fridays Coventry film the ‘Big Movie’ to which will be premiering upon Friday 6th May to to which the BBC shall be present and broadcasting, I am so ecstatic! Following this, my first initial EP will be releasing in June however I am yet to share the date, so stay tuned!

It was great catching up with your early movements this year and we can't wait to see what you manifest next! Stay in touch and keep vibing!


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