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Bessie Deakin's "Magic Man" Enchants Listeners with a Funky Fusion of Jazz Influences

‘Magic Man’ from Bessie Deakin is a jamming single that will get the groove into you faster than you can swivel a hip. It’s funky, fresh, and it’s got those must-have jazz influences and a great melody. To top it all off the vocal is stunning, shifting from melody main to harmony helper, it pushes the song ever higher and keeps you swaying to that infectious beat. The soft drums bring the track into the modern day, the bass is bouncy, walking its own path with a charm and a smile. Then the light finds the vocal and away we go.

A smashing chorus, interesting and creative stop starts to pull you back into the verses and a guitar solo that will send shivers down any self-respecting spine. ‘Magic Man’ is a treat for the mind, food for the soul and joy for the ears. Bessie Deakin has nailed it in every possible way, and I can’t get enough.


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