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BETH MACARI - Feel The Same

Get ready for some funk. Mix it with the heart of soul and the power of pop and you get close to the magic of Beth Macari and her latest single, ‘Feel The Same.’

Bold instrumentals rise up: guitar dances to the metronome and bass bounces and slaps. Bright and free the beat sits firmly in funk and hands out rhythm like it's going out of style (it certainly is not). The vocal holds the power of the track in its palm. As the beat moves your shoulders, the vocals move everything else. With stunning clarity and massive range, Beth Macari powers through everything the song can throw at her. Pelting hard and fast into the chorus, the song explodes with an invincible groove.

‘Feel The Same’ is a funky pop single, and it is the best one I have heard in a long old time. Everything from the click of the beat to the frill in the harmony. It all works to create a serving of sound that is so delicious, you can’t resist just one more bite.



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