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BETTY MOON - Boilermaker (Cover)


Boilermaker (Cover)

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Evolver Music, Inc.

Betty Moon’s cover of Royal Blood’s ‘Boilermaker’ is a splendid twist on a modern classic. With a similar vibe throughout the song, Betty Moon decides to take it deeper. The sound is dark, wide open. It echoes in the sound space in chromatic waves. The hard bass and drums are replaced with synthetic counterparts, the future is here. The bass has company, they all dip below the surface of the midsection and rumble at the base of it all. The higher bass is digitised, it sparkles with binary glitter and supports the smooth, clean vocal throughout its melodic journey. The instrumental is punchier, the vocal takes a chill stance. This clashing of tones makes for interesting listening as you discover a whole other side to ‘Boilermaker’ from the illustrious mind of Betty Moon.

‘Boilermaker’ is beat heavy and tonal and it's hard to cover the song because it's so simple in its construction. You have to remake it from the ground up and that’s exactly what Betty Moon has done. It's powerful, punchy, and different. It’s one amazing rendition.



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