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BEWARE WOLVES - The Story So Far...


Boston, United States

Credit - Nancy Razk

Beware Wolves is somewhat an enigma - His identity is concealed with no desire to disclose any information about himself or his artistry. There is very little known to date about this artist, making this article an in-depth analysis of nothing more than my own perceptions and analytics. There is so much to be said yet not one thing which identifies the personal identity of this artist.

One thing that I can say is that I believe that I have found something very special in the rough through Beware Wolves. I was handed one task, to listen to and write an article on a collection of 9 volumes - 4.5 hours of listening and 81 songs. My overactive mind wondered how I could break this massive collection down into one engaging piece.

So what do we know about Beware Wolves?

I know that it's a strong probability that this is the first artist in history to use streaming as a realm to release his entire catalogue of 81 songs (4.5 hours of listening) over nine volumes in a single month (August 2022)

I know that his music is a mix of acoustics guitar and raw vocals - the rest was a mystery... until now.

Track 1 - After the War was the first song that I listened to in order to well, keep some form of order in this analysis. I wasn't sure what to expect from this artist but damn if this whole collection is as good as the opening track then we