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BEWARE WOLVES - The Story So Far...


Boston, United States

Credit - Nancy Razk

Beware Wolves is somewhat an enigma - His identity is concealed with no desire to disclose any information about himself or his artistry. There is very little known to date about this artist, making this article an in-depth analysis of nothing more than my own perceptions and analytics. There is so much to be said yet not one thing which identifies the personal identity of this artist.

One thing that I can say is that I believe that I have found something very special in the rough through Beware Wolves. I was handed one task, to listen to and write an article on a collection of 9 volumes - 4.5 hours of listening and 81 songs. My overactive mind wondered how I could break this massive collection down into one engaging piece.

So what do we know about Beware Wolves?

I know that it's a strong probability that this is the first artist in history to use streaming as a realm to release his entire catalogue of 81 songs (4.5 hours of listening) over nine volumes in a single month (August 2022)

I know that his music is a mix of acoustics guitar and raw vocals - the rest was a mystery... until now.

Track 1 - After the War was the first song that I listened to in order to well, keep some form of order in this analysis. I wasn't sure what to expect from this artist but damn if this whole collection is as good as the opening track then we are all in for a treat. Acoustic guitar plucks and soulful vocals captivate listeners with ease.

Track 2 - Anna turns towards a 60s-inspired theme, full of melodic bass, guitar twangs at the end of every line sung and a deeper register to the vocals of Beware Wolves. A country and blues meets indie rock production. Love it.

Track 3 - Another Song strips things down into a raw and heartfelt production. A true storytelling confession is felt with the heartbeat of this song. This isn't just another song, it's 'Another Song'. The rawness of a solo acoustic guitar and layered smoothness goes down nicely like a warm velvety hot chocolate in the snow.

Track 4 - Around & Down offers an array of harmonised vocal layers - there's something about this song that will hit your soul in places that you didn't know existed. The tone of the harmonies is what lifts this track to new heights - This is a very Ben Howard-style song with just as much grit and bite. Stunning. Absolutely Stunning.

Track 5 - Back of the Moon heads back to Country and blues with a highly revered but natural vocal performance. If you're looking for a song that has the essence of a live performance then you will lean towards this song.

Track 6 - Back to You brings something new to the album in the form of a slowed-down tempo and the inclusion of acoustic piano for the first time along with the pristine layers of acoustic guitar.

Track 7 - Badsome speeds things back up a level of notches in its swirl of blues. Think speedy acoustic guitar plucks, curvacious basslines and deep vocals.

Track 8 - Big Sky has almost a hula feel to it in the way that the guitar composition has been executed. The lyrics speak of being the one that is always there for someone but they think that it's time to leave - they believe they can find better but you think that they won't. Who's going to heal them if it isn't you?

Track 9 - Black & Blue is a soulful piece returning back to those slow acoustic guitar strums and luscious harmonies - there's a rawness here that will hit your soul in the same way that 'Around & Down' will. What another stunning expression.

Track 1 - Blackout stands out for its sweeping deepness within its bassline and country-infused guitar riffs which introduce listeners to a whole new realm of Beware Wolves' artistic versatility.

Track 2 - Bring it to Me is the perfect soundtrack to long journeys, in fact, I'm currently on a train on my way to London as I write this and I can't envision a better collection of songs to listen to as I look out the window and type away.

Track 3 - Crazy begins with something that I love - the rawness of fingers as they slide on strings along the guitar's frets. As a guitarist, this resonates with me profoundly and I'm sure it will transpire to all music lovers. This darker production lifts the vocal scale in terms of the other songs that we have heard from Beware Wolves thus far. There's almost a cry for help within this piece that is expressed through the heightened vocal performance and deepness of the bass.

Track 4 - Danielle is a very Ed Sheeran 'Bloodstream' style production with vocal similarity to Ben Howard. 'Danielle' is another personal favourite of mine down to its rhythmic guitar slapping percussion in between strums of the strings - A gorgeous acoustic folk-pop performance.

Track 5 - Electric Light is a place that you will lose yourself within. I forgot that I was reviewing the song and unintentionally became all consumed in the feel of the piece - to me, this is what true art entails. Wow.

Track 6 - Emergency Contact is a little messier than the other songs but it's real, and it works! There's a gritty urgency within these 56 seconds.

Track 7 - Envy of Stars is one of those "sit under a tree with nothing but a guitar, notebook and a pen kind of songs. Those where the artist sits down with nothing but their own surrounding and inspirations. It really shows that the artist has sat with his own mind during the creation of this song.

Track 8 - Ever Loved is a song that will have you in your most romantic of thoughts. Whisked away by the imperfection in the guitar strums and the rawness in the execution. A track that contemplates moments gone, moments now and questions of the future.

Track 9 - Fan begins with no introduction, the song starts immediately with vocal content, dazzling listeners before they have a chance to process where they are in the track. I like this move, I think that it works well to intrigue listeners. The lyrics "That's how I feel" and "That's what it is" imply a sense of mindfulness and reflection within this song. A calming end to Vol.2.

Track 1 - For the Love of You introduces listeners to another spectrum of sound from Beware Wolves. Here the artist contemplates "who, what, when, where and why". There's an air of the Beetles/the 70s that transfers listeners back in time to a place of analogue recordings and natural sounds.

Track 2 - Glow takes listeners back into a Ben Howard-sounding vocal performance with a country twist. This song stands out for its lyrical content and almost howling at the moon energy.

Track 3 - Good Ride shows the rhythmic guitar skills of the artist along with an indie folk rock song that leans towards more of a pop music realm when compared with previous songs in the catalogue so far. It's great to hear this side of Beware Wolves!

Track 4 - Goodbye has a distinct analogue sound to its product offering listeners a highly saturated performance. Talks of forgiveness, evening up the score and saying goodbye are key themes within this song. I absolutely love this song! It's among my Top 10 tracks by Beware Wolf. I would love to hear this live this is absolutely stunning.

Track 5 - Goodbye Starry Evening continues to lure listeners in with its saturated sound. Layered vocals, harmonies that dreams are made of, with guitar plucks that sound like the imagery of twinkling stars.

Track 6 - Gravity is a chart-ready acoustic wonderland. It's one of those songs that you have to hear to understand - no words can do this justice, so do yourself a favour and listen for yourselves!

Track 7 - Green Thumb rests somewhere between spoken world folk and pop. This song tackles the metaphor of planting your own garden with the use of clever word play. What are you growing?

Track 8 - Healing Eyes is full of guitar slap percussion and the full use of every string on Beware Wolves' guitar. I think that this piece is incredibly intricate! To be able to concentrate on all of the plucking, the slaps and to perfect the vocals are a difficult thing to do but Beware Wolves has smashed it!

Track 9 - Heaven & Earth leans towards a Celtic Folk feel - think Dermot Kennedy. This song mixes speedy acoustic guitar plucks with strums and slaps to make a whole universe when combined with the vocals. Another one of my favourites from Beware Wolves.

Track 1 - Holding Out is a textured mix of clean guitar tones that act as a cushion to a wholesome vocal performance. Acoustic soft rock lovers will feel this song deeply. The song has been mixed flawlessly. This is a clean, tone-filled joy to listen to. The guitar solos which come into the song in between the vocals are a whole playground of skill.

Track 2 - How We Roll is a hit - or at least it should be. This Imagine Dragons meets Mumford and Son's creation will capture your inner beast and tame it too.

Track 3 - If Than I continues along the country and blues/soft rock feel. A strong 60s influence is present within this romantic song.

Track 4 - In The Rain is a simple song that raises in velocity as it develops into its main body. A subtle yet suited reverb allows for the emotion and emptiness of the lyrics to come to light. This is a song that has a sadness behind its creation yet it grasps listeners for its authenticity.

Track 5 - Inbound Ride stood out to me instantly, lifting my soul with its rainbow spectrum of harmonies, its sweeping vocals and the lyrics. This song will stick with me for a long time. I think this is my favourite so far! I can imagine that turning this track into a full production would absolutely take off!

Track 6 - July makes a fast inbound turn towards country and blues/Americana. This rodeo ready production makes a quick transition from the emotions of the track before it. A very Elvis Presley feel is evident in the vocal articulation.

Track 7 - Just in Time is a ballad style production with a lot of soul. The way that Beware Wolves can transition between sounds is incredible. There are so many ways that this artist showcases his craft - it's like there's a multi person band contain within the entity that is Beware Wolves.

Track 8 - Just Might is an easy going track - think George Ezra with a larger vocal range!

Track 9 - Lay Down Love is a song of appreciation, a love letter in the form of lyrical precision. A beautifully calming end to Vol.4.

Track 1 - Little Voice brings rock and roll back to life through its heartbeat of guitar strums and classic rock vocals.

Track 2 - Long Run is another song of my personal favourites the vocal tone alone. This is one of those songs that refuses to hold back raw emotion neither in its lyrics or its vocals. Absolutely heart grabbing!

Track 3 - Long Shot in the Dark is a chirpy production which continues to show us the husky and emotive vocal side to Beware Wolves. This is another one of my personal favourites. This track reminds me of the smooth vocals of David Gray. How gorgeous.

Track 4 - Lucky One talks about the materialism associated with having a lot of money but being the one who is the real lucky one - even without the money. Pleding to never swap places due to being lucky to have the partner/friend that they have is at the core of this song.

Track 5 - Me for You lifts the energy of the album with its major key, high octave guitar strums and guitar flicks.

Track 6 - Me Riddles You is a song that is after the hearts of those of us who are overthinking. Packed with riddles and clever wordplay you can't help but fall into the wonderland of 'Me Riddles You' - One for us philosophers out there.

Track 7 - Medicine Man is a funky blues gem - you won't be able to stop your head from moving along with the groove!

Track 8 - Miles is an old soul, a old folk tradition conceptualised in music. Think campfires and friends.

Track 9 - Mira is a rough and rare capture of an "in the moment" creation. The song is a slightly less smoother end to this project yet a rough diamond none the less.

Track 1 - New World. What a spectacular song. When we listen to music we want to connect with it, its essence. 'New World' does this perfectly whilst offering lyrics that will embed themselves in the consciousness of the listener. Another one of my personal favorites. I'll be singing this for a while to come.

Track 2 - Not That Strong wonders into what feels as though it is ukele territory although I do believe that it is the closest frets to an acoustic guitar's body that has been played here. Ether way, the sound is high pitched, chirpy and a whole new sound from this artist. The lyrics however, hold a sense of sadness within their words.

Track 3 - Note to Self flows like butter on a hotplate. I felt completely at one with this song. The world was suddenly not so cold anymore and the voice of Beware Wolves were a kiss to my soul.

Track 4 - Only One is another song that captured my attention to the fullest through a vocal that is reminiscent of Passanger!

Track 5 - Phenom-Anom dives into a dark tunnel with a gritty indie/soft rock darkness to it. The vocals are highly reverbed and distant giving an air of gloominess to this particular piece of the album.

Track 6 - Rabbit Run is a somewhat whacky piece, there's a lot going on which I guess comes with a Rabbit Run? Speedy, searching for a way. All for one and none for all is a lyric that will stick with me. I love the philosophy behind this track along with the bassline!

Track 7 - Radio holds an existential narrative with a strong message of inspiration for anybody who want to achieve their goals. "We were born to shine and the song they played on the radio was mine". I really really really like this song!

Track 8 - Rather Be Fishing introduces a standout drum percussion! This makes all the difference to this song. A thudding yet subtle addition brings the album to new heights before concluding this country/Americana/Folk piece.

Track 9 - Round Again holds the darkness of blues with the strumming of folk and the vocals of a fallen angel. What's next from Beware Wolves?

Track 1 - Runaway begins Vol.7 with intricate guitar picking and a distant David Gray style vocal performance. This song sounds like it has been recorded completely live - I wish that I was in the room wherever that may be! The beauty within this piece is unexplainable.

Track 2 - Sad Girl addresses the theme of losing a friend, the changing of minds and souls as well as directions. Addressing the moments that everybody has experienced (as far as I know) this song addresses the sadness of a lost soul.

Track 3 - Sail Away had me sailing away from the four walls that I am confined in and into the free world that Beware Wolves has to offer. This is a song that you will love beyond measure due to its raw lyricism, romanticism and freedom of which it speaks of.

Track 4 - Same Way, You Know mixes pulsing plucks and strums to fill the permaiters of the track. The vcoals, distant yet all consuming. Another storytelling revelation.

Track 5 - Signal speaks of intrustive thoughts but those of a dreamy nature. How many times have you not been able to stop thinking about someone? All of the things you could be, do and see. This song captures that feeling with an array of guitar plucks and vocal harmonies.

Track 6 - Sirens continues the narrative of the wind and sea. I love the continued themes within the word play on this album. There's a switch into experimental folk which is amazing to hear!

Track 7 - Something Worthwile is the second song on the collection so far that I have noted a clear drumming composition! I was gladly surprised to discover the inclusion of jazz piano keys too! as well as the guitar of course. This song showcases a happy side to Beware Wolves. Oh, and did I mention ELECTRIC GUITAR RIFFS?! This is a strong insight into what a full production looks like from Beware Wolves and guess what? It's smashing.

Track 8 - Song De Jour strips everything back to basics and humbles listeners once more with its live and raw vocals.

Track 9 - Still Horses is a one soul and their guitar expression. You can tell that Beware Wolves has sat with their feelings and improvised with this piece. The beauty rests in its rawness. A solid ending to Vol. 7.

Track 1 - Take It From Me opens the album with a bit of stripped down Americana Blues. The little blues flicks and riffs fill the space within the track making a feel good story telling piece of inspirational music.

Track 2 - The Cure is a whole mix of blues and funk from the twangy riffs to the rock and roll soul packed vocals. I really like this side to Beware Wolves. Talks of a depressive nature as well as dreams are all present here.

Track 3 - The Difference houses a land of culture within one track. From a hula influence to soft rock, this song will have listeners intrigued and infatuated by the instrumentation but all consumed by its lyrical inclusions.

Track 4 - The Fourth contains both the darkness and the light. Making the statement that it isn't love that makes us blind, amonst an array of existential contemplations lift the lyrics to another level. There are some Spanish sounding guitar solos which touch your soul like the genius of Carlos Santana.

Track 5 - The Odds continues the line of existential thinking that has arisen before it. In this song the emotion of the vocals are complimented by the contrasting minor and major key riffs.

Track 6 - The Take is a classic indie rock track with a dash of folk. A nice surprise appearance from drums and electric guitar come into the production to lift it even further and highlights the potential of Beware Wolves once more!

Track 7 - The Tell takes listeners back into the 60s themed side to Beware Wolves artistry but with a twist. A combination of electric and acoustic guitar lifts the tones of the vocals with precision. Think a 60s high school dance.

Track 8 - The Window continues along the deeply saturated analogue recording line of expression. If you are a fan of gritty and raw country music (line dancing and whiskt joints) then you will get completely lost in this track!

Track 9 - Today introduces other forms of string instrumentation into thealbum just in time for its ending. A fanale of dreams is found within this track. An uplifting yet experimental song is at the heart of 'Today'.

Track 1 - Torrie Pine lifts listeners to the land of soft rock and Americana with its rhythmic guitar strums and interlocking vocal harmonies. There is no denying the talent of this artist - even 8 volumes later and we are still hearing something new from this artist.

Track 2 - Trouble Me More is a funky little number that brings blues and pop into a new formation. Yet again we are hearing another side to Beware Wolves and I'm loving it!

Track 3 - U.S Mail plucks on strings both on guitar and on hearts. A nice delayed reverb echos throughout the ears and minds of the listener allowing for us to really get to grips with the vocal content of this song.

Track 4 - Unforgiven One marks the return of another law guitar slapping live performance with country twangs both vocally and instrumentally.

Track 5 - Unidentified takes a leap into something that is just what it says on the tin - unidentified. What is this the message here? An unidentified person, object or emotion? I'll leave that for you to decide.

Track 6 - Want You More is a confession of love. What better way to express feelings than through art? This song makes the clear statement that nobody could want the intended receiver of this song more than the author.

Track 7 - Water & Stone doesn't hold anything back with its heavy riff of an opener. This track has some serious potential! Add a little more bite in the riffs, maybe a few layers and panning - clean the tone up ever so slightly and Beware Wolves is onto a win!

Track 8 - Whisky Dreams stands out as the perfect soundtrack for sync licensing. Those long scenes where someone is travelling on the road, appearing both lost and at a place of solice. Mark my words, Whisky Dreams is the perfect backdrop to such a scene.

Track 9 - Wicked Love concludes this anthology of 9 volumes with its roots firmly within Americana and Blues.. and what a better way to conclude such a massive collection of songs than on the note of love.

The Final Chapter...At least for now

Beware Wolves is a name that will stick with me for as long as my mind has its current sharpness. The work of a whole universe of raw, honest and uncommercialised art has been articulated within this artists catalogue. There are no particular embodied identity to this artist, no gimmicks neither are there any desire or sign of branding associated with who this artist is. This is a rare artist, a rare breed and still, after this whole analysis, Beware Wolves remains an unidentified enigma.

If like me, you look for the value in difference then you will appreciate the philosophy and narrative of Beware Wolves.

Now, we may have come to the end of this collection of songs but Beware Wolves has one more trick to give. 11 of these songs have been chosen to be included on a title album - Beware Wolves. Although I highly recommend that you listen to the full catalogue, below you can find the link to his title album.

Beware Wolves in one word? Unforgettable...

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