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BIAS Nails Cover of ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ by The Police

BIAS have delivered a smashing track with their latest release: a cover of ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ from The Police. BIAS understand the song, and they clearly love the original. There is respect there, honesty. Something that should be present in all covers. Then, BIAS shifts — after tipping their hat — to show us what they can do.

‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ is reborn. Rattling synths, a profound change in the vocal style. It's raw, emotive and brings the original song to its knees. The oscillating melodies cascade from the ceiling as the walls merge with one another. Soon the room has no corners, it is too full of sound. The chorus barrels up from nowhere, sending your expectations out of the window. It's bright, fresh and modern. The Police delivered a hit — and BIAS sent it flying.

Covers are tricky. They can change the sound of the song too much, or too little. But when an artist nails it as BIAS has here, you discover a whole new side to the song you already know and love.



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