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Cape Town, South Africa

Bion releases the ultimate dance and beat music in their new album ‘Rush’. We see an extremely intricate craft of beats and an experimentation of how soundwaves can deliver various feelings. At its core, all tracks have the fundamental element of distinctive beats as the focus of the musicality, supported by other components of synth. This was quite well received in their track ‘Rush’ through their clever use of distorting sound waves yet keeping a perfectly clear main beat, and this is what will keep this track glued in your mind. Additionally, its fast-paced nature and intricate details does justice to the name ‘Rush’ and is perfect for raising the energy of any atmosphere. There was a very good use of building suspense and attention by carefully building up to the climax through the effective dynamics in the synth sounds, subsequently when the beat drops its timing is highly fulfilling and infectious in its nature and leaves you with an urge to dance and let loose to those beats.

My favourite track of the album is ‘Thunderball’ as I felt the name of the song was cleverly portrayed in the music. The bouncing of the vocals in the repeating phrase ‘bounce’ is satisfying for the listener and gives one an irresistible urge to jump along to the clever lyricism, and you will find yourself completely submerged in those infectious and distinctive beats! For this reason, I also felt that the soundscape was even more impressive in this track as it incorporated multiple different beats and echoes to really captivate the listener. The artistic talent of Bion will trigger responses from all your senses, making you completely entranced in their impressive musical creation.

Like ‘Rush’, ‘Just a game’ had a lot of focus on the vocals which I felt was a good addition. This detail made some parts sound almost pop like, serving as a nice contrast to ‘Thunderball’ which was more of an experimentation of beats and synth. Bion are therefore quite interchangeable in their music, and this sets them aside from other artists who explore similar styles. They can appeal to a range of pop and beat music lovers out there, and even just to anyone who enjoys to let loose and have fun! I can see bion’s music being successful in a club setting, as these environments will be the best for spreading that positive, uplifting atmosphere of the tracks. Additionally, the crowded and visual stimulation of these environments will add to that intense stimulation of our senses and really do justice to the album’s intention of increasing our energy levels and spirit.



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