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HT Club 40 Combo: A New Star in the Rock Amplification Sky

The Blackstar amps are an extremely popular line of amps, cabs and headers for rock bands. From the indie stages, rattling behind your favourite new talent, to the world stage pounding out some of the biggest hits in modern rock, the Blackstar series of amplifiers screams quality, tone and flavour. And now, there are some new stars in the sky. The Blackstar Mk III series of amps, headers and cabs has just been released, with all of the great sounds and features you have come to know and love, with a few more packed in for good measure. The product in the update I am particularly excited about is the Blackstar HT Club 40 Combo. An amp/cab pairing all-in-one unit that can punch well above its price and weight class.

The Blackstar HT Club 40 Combo takes that golden, gritty and punchy Blackstar sound and throws it into a very appealing package. From the front, a classic look and feel. Behind it is a brain like never before, allowing you to tune your sound down to the minute detail and save that amp flavour to one of three presets. One key feature of the Blackstar Mk III series is their ISF control. In layman's terms, it allows you to push your honed sound from a British rock feel over the waters to discover an American rock texture. This fine control of sonic styling allows your sound to feel distinct, punchy, and hit the exact intentions of your guitar tone. It’s one extra layer of control, something we guitar players can never get enough of.

For £899.00 on Andertons, this amp is a keeper. If you’re in love with a gritty rock sound and want an amp that can match your drive and create your tone, then look no further than the Blackstar HT Club 40 Combo. Of course, if you already have a header and are in the market for a new cab or vice versa, then the MK III’s are great for you too. A worthy update to an already legendary amp series!

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