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BLAIR DJUNA releases new single 'Don't Tell Me'


Don't Tell Me

Sydney, Australia

Nothing hits on the weekend like some good 80s-inspired pop music. The latest release from Sydney, Australia’s Blair Djuna has everything you need for a feel-good vibe. ‘Don’t Tell Me’ lifts listeners into a state of EDM sensibilities. The classic kick gets you in the mood to dance and when partnered with a funky house-style bassline there’s no way that you will be able to skip this tune!

You’ll find yourself listening again and again without hesitation. ‘Don’t Tell Me’ has secured a permanent spot in our Ones2Watch! It will take you to a place where all you can do is dance.

I for one am anticipating the growth of this artist and cannot wait to hear what is to come in the coming months.

Creativity flairs in the art of Blair. Superb.

Get familiar with the artist, hit the links below and if you stan go follow.


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