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“Time For Something Drastic” – Blindness & Light's Post-Punk Cry Against Complacency

Cover art for Blindness & Light's single 'Time For Something Drastic' features a stark, high-contrast imag set against a backdrop of encroaching shadows, symbolizing the urgency of the song's message about the fleeting nature of time and the need for change.
Cover art for Blindness & Light's single 'Time For Something Drastic'
Blindness & Light Issue a Sonic Rallying Cry with Their Latest Single, Echoing the Greats of Indie Lore

When I listen to music, I like to do it in stages. Number 1 - instant thoughts, Number 2- The Structure, 3) Sound Quality - 4) Reach potential, and of course, other factors too.

Blindness & Light's "Time For Something Drastic" struck me as a carefully carved sculpture, something similar to an ice piece or sand art. You know, those pieces that take a high level of detail, they're busy, one mistake, and everything is over-type art. If you make a mistake you find that you're back to the start with the instrument in hand. If it pays off, you're left with a masterpiece. A risky one.

Well, "Time For Something Drastic" stuck with me as one of those pieces. Let me explain why. Press play, you feel the strings as you hear them. Panned distortion, but only subtle. A bassline sits in the background as it's guided by the subtle strums and plucks. Vocals and percussion join, it gets busier and then it drops back. There's a lot going on that just feels so effortless. That is exactly what makes the difference between just noise, and a piece of music.

Promo shot for Blindness & Light captures Colin Potter in monochrome
Promo shot for Blindness & Light captures Colin Potter in monochrome

Upon second listen I found the spirit of previous songs "Apocalypse Now" and the shadowy depths of "Heart of Darkness" loom large in this single. It conjured up the same sense of introspection that had me thinking when I first encountered those works.

This North West Wales x North West England Collaboration brings a collective of free spirits together who are bound by one shared ethos – a commitment to unshackled expression. One that is reminiscent of the spirit of pioneers Joy Division and Radiohead.

What strikes me most about "Time For Something Drastic" is the lyrical bluntness and honesty - A quality that is so often processed out of contemporary tracks. There's a sense of urgency within Potter's vocal performance and a clarity that cuts through the business of the track's layers.

I've heard many songs that aspire to stand tall and make a statement through music but "Time For Something Drastic" appears to achieve just that. This is a reminder of music's power to reflect our times, to challenge us, to stir the pot of social consciousness. Its depth is evident to those who listen deeply.

I'm left hungry for more from Blindness & Light, and as ever, I eagerly await their next installment!

Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Male Vocals, UK Based, Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock

Mood: Reflective, Urgent, Thought-Provoking, Intense, Gritty, Philosophical

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