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Brace Yourself: Ryan Mitchell's 'Ruin My Life' - A Dynamic Indie Pop Masterpiece with a Twist

Find a seat because if you’re not sat down for this one you will be blown right off of your feet. Ryan Mitchell’s single, ‘Ruin My Life,’ is a whirlwind of modern indie pop that plays in the same realm as Malone and YUNGBLUD. When that simple riff hits you at the start you have no idea how wide this track is going to get. It could have played it safe, stayed in the minor leagues and kept things simple. No? Yeah, you’re right that does sound boring. And evidently, Ryan Mitchell thought so too. ‘Ruin My Life’ adapts and goes hard down every avenue, opening up in the chorus, hitting a major break in the bridge and finding innovative ways to keep verses engaging and alive.

The pace and scale keep you in it. The song is so good at changing lanes that you never know what turning it’s going to take next, all you know is that when it does you better be ready. The scale is gargantuan. The bass is so deep and the vocals hit some incredibly impressive highs. The sound fills every inch of this scale, bombarding you with greatness from every conceivable angle. Then — hush — silence falls between the fire of the bridge. Just enough of a break to set you up for round two. ‘Ruin My Life’ shows the talent of Ryan Mitchell through a glorifying indie lens. The music he is cooking up over there is tasty, so why not lean in for a bite? You know you want to.



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