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BRAINHEART - Keep Me From Falling Apart - SINGLE REVIEW


Keep Me From Falling Apart

United States

Indie Pop/Rock just got a new gem, forged from the fires of emotion and songwriting brilliance, ‘Keep Me From Falling Apart’ is an expression of love, heart and mind. Brainheart and Dorel come together to synthesise a sound that belongs on the centre stage, loud, vibrant and full of character. The sound reminds me of many in the pop scene and many in the indie rock scene, with vocals that hit crisp and clear tone shifts and percussion that switches from high and dry to deep and wet. But there is something new between these two musical minds that makes ‘Keep Me From Falling Apart’ stand out from the crowd. It’s this acid, this blissful pain, this power that boils up from within the song. It's illuminating and rhythmic and it works like a charm.

The song begins with a swirling instrumental sound that will grow into a sonic cyclone, buffeted only by the sheer force of the vocals and their harmonies. The percussion turns on a dime, sparkling and friendly in the verse, but when the chorus hits it's deep, powerful and on a mission. It supports the hearty bass and the mids of guitar and synth without letting a drop of musical angst hit the ground. Brainheart and Dorel are a preternatural force of tone, melody and rhythm. ‘Keep Me From Falling Apart’ is but one of their many, many masterpieces.


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